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Long Hair Problems

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 12:13 pm

1.It's hard to snuggle

If both you and your partner have long hair, then snuggling can be a major issue. Getting close to one another is not a problem, but trying to move apart again can be seriously difficult. This is often the point where the hair becomes tangled together and you then need to work out what your next move should be.

2.You get stroked like a dog

When you have long hair there appears to be a tendency amongst people to go ahead and stroke your hair as if they are stroking a dog. Is that really the right thing to do? It does actually end up being very annoying indeed for the person in question.

3.You clog drains

Everybody can clog drains, especially in the shower, but it is even worse when you have long hair. Those long strands will just clump together and before you know it you are struggling to clear the water away. Regular maintenance is absolutely essential.

4.It's difficult for guys

If you are a guy and have long hair, then you are going to be mistaken for a woman whenever somebody sees you from behind. This can end up being very annoying as well as a bit embarrassing to say the least.

5.It is difficult to change the style

It really is quite difficult to change the style when you have long hair because of the fact that there is just so much of it. A ponytail is an option, but so much hair still hangs down that it does not make too much of a difference.

6.Wearing necklaces can be difficult

Trying to wear a necklace can actually be very difficult when you have long hair due to the way in which it usually gets caught up in the catch and pulls everything all over the place. It just becomes almost impossible to put them on.

7.You shed hair like a snake sheds skin

The amazing thing about long hair is that you do shed long strands of it, but then you never look as if you are getting thinner hair as there is just that much of it in the first place. However, that does not stop you from being amazed at how much hair you produce.


8.It soaks you

Long hair takes forever to try on its own and it does mean that you end up half drowning yourself and your clothes are soaking due to the moisture in your hair. It really does get everywhere and you will then have to try to dry out yourself.

9.Money to look after it

The problem with long hair is that it takes so much time and effort to keep it in tip top condition. This does mean that you have to spend a lot of money on products, so it is very expensive to have it in the first place.



It is not so bad when you are walking into the wind, but if it is coming from any other direction, then you are in big trouble. Within seconds you will be unable to see where you are going and will be fighting off bits of hair as they jump up and slap you in the face at random times.

11.Caught up in bags

If you put a bag over your shoulder, then you are going to always run into problems of your hair getting tangled up in the strap and the result is you pulling on your own hair. People with short hair just do not realize how tough it is with long hair.


12.In your food

Yep if you have long hair, then you need to constantly deal with your hair wanting to try and get into your food. It will sit there and soak up the sauce or it will drag through it and throw it everywhere, so eating really does become a pain.


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