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Most Creative Ads Ever

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 1:10 pm

1.Don't drink and drive

This is a great angle to take when dealing with the issue of drinking and then driving. By using the finished can and crushing it like this with a vehicle on the side it is telling you everything that you need to know about the dangers of doing this and should persuade you from doing otherwise.


This is all about the dangers of talking to someone while they are driving and on their phone. Yes it is graphic, but then you are dealing with something that is life and death, so the fact that they have gone down this particular road is both brave as well as necessary.

3.Get that tongue out

Well if you are going to be promoting a product that involves a spray does it not make sense to then go and use an animal that can kind of replicate some of the motion? That is what is going on here and you have to admire them for their creativity and creating an advert that is certainly eye catching.

4.Help for dogs

Once again this is an advert for a charity where they need to be quite hard hitting, but at the same time not go over the top as this could also put people off helping them. This is very clever with how they have used a dog and combined it with a penguin to push the idea of them needing shelter. You can imagine how their subscriptions would have improved as a result of this.

5.Cheeky Pepsi

Pepsi seem to have a habit of creating some adverts that are slightly cheeky and this is yet another one. The entire idea is that the boy wants to give mouth to mouth and the lifeguard is open to the idea in exchange for a Pepsi. The boy has a good deal here.

6.Smelly feet

There is nothing worse than smelly feet, but it is often everybody else that suffers and not the person with the feet. However, this is a very clever advert that has decided to put a different slant on promoting this product and there is no doubt that it would be very, very effective.

7.Soccer and beer

This advert was created by a beer company when the UEFA Champions League Final was being held in Rome. It is such a good idea to take beer bottles and have them shaped like the Colosseum because you instantly know the city in question even before you read anything.


8.Safe sex

When you are dealing with something as serious as HIV it is important that you do make sure you create a hard hitting campaign. However, at the same time you need to be very clever in what you do and this example with all of those hands and the tagline really does make you think twice about being involved in risky sexual behavior.

9.Smoking gun

This is another advert designed to encourage you to stop smoking and once again it does put across quite a powerful image. It is actually very clever how they have used the shadow of somebody holding a cigarette in their hand in this way and make sure that it then turns into a gun in the background to show how smoking is indeed potentially deadly.


10.Scary cholesterol

Your cholesterol is something that you need to keep on top of because it can lead to all kinds of health issues and potentially kill you. It is, therefore, a cool idea to have it portrayed as this evil and dangerous character when promoting a product that can help you, so in one simple design this company has managed to sum up so much about it.

11.Lost in the news

The thing about this advert for CNN is that there is some humor in there, which is something that you do not expect when it is promoting a news channel. It does well in putting across this idea that you just get lost in what they have to offer and it is certainly a good message to put out there.


12.Stop smoking

When it comes to stop smoking adverts you will often find that they go for the graphic approach showing diseased lungs and describing how horrible it is. However, this time they have gone for a different approach and in all honesty this is probably going to be just as effective with the way that the person is dying in the ash.

13.Starting all over again

This advert is taking the concept of a butterfly or insect being born and attaching it to us humans in an attempt to really sell the idea of starting a Fresh Life. This is a prime example of how some advertising companies really can think out of the box because it does use symbolism that we are all familiar with, but does so in a brand new way,

14.The Exorcist

You would imagine that selling batteries would be pretty touch, but clearly Eveready has managed to overcome that problem in a very creative way. The tagline is more light, less fear and to then tie it in with the Exorcist and making it look less scary will make you feel better about using their product.

15.Blind spots

This advert is for a company that sells CCTV and you have to say that it is exceptionally clever with what they have done. The entire idea is that unless you hire them there will always be some place where the bad guys can hide and surely this will then build your confidence in them?

16.Losing your head

This is another example of a very clever advert that is all about the dangers of using your mobile phone behind the wheel. The entire idea is that when you do this your head is somewhere else, so to then have this image as the main part does help to really put the point across.

17.Simple, but effective

This is just a wonderfully simple advert that is extremely effective in what it does. By simply removing the letters J and B it does indeed completely change the advert, but of course that is the point in it all by stressing how things just are not the same without this type of whisky.

18.Now you see it!!

How on earth did somebody manage to come up with this as an idea for an advert? It really is a clever way to sell glass cleaner by taking a magic trick and using it to explain why we then think that she is floating in mid air.


This is being very clever in the way that it uses hands to recreate Stonehenge, but you are still very aware of the fact that it is selling mobile phones and the excellent coverage that you get with AT&T. This approach could certainly be used for a number of places around the world, so it is also clever in the way that entire campaigns can be formed.

20.Hard hitting

There is no doubt that the WWF are experts at having hard hitting campaigns and this is the perfect example. The entire idea of their adverts is to really get you to stop and think about it all and lets face it that is one thing that this advert is going to be capable of doing.


What this advert shows you is that you do not have to be sexual in any way when you are trying to advertise c0ndoms. Instead, you can actually be quite clever with it all as this example shows because it simply takes the idea of protection and uses it in a different way.

22.Just cheeky

Well this is certainly very cheeky from Durex, but at the same time it is also exceptionally clever as well as being capable of raising a smile. The big question now is just how large is extra large?

23.A fast elephant

Well this is certainly very impressive from this particular elephant. Of course it is also a very clever advert in that it is taking something big and cumbersome and turning it into something that is like lightning and all in the name of technology.

24.Polar bears

This is one very clever advert due to the way in which it takes the polar bear being under threat and turns it into resembling a homeless person due to the effects that global warming on their natural habitat. The person that created this must have been very, very happy with themselves.


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