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People Being Nasty With Statues

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 10:19 am

4.In the Park in the Dark

The best thing about statues is, they never tell and at times that is a good thing. Just look at this one for example, what stories could it bring up?

In the Park in the Dark-People Being Nasty With Statues

5.Don't Judge!

Come on! Ask yourself "What is one supposed to do with a naked statue in broad daylight". Then judge this young lady okay!

Don't Judge!-People Being Nasty With Statues

6.What is a Guy Supposed to Do?

She was really asking for it. Why was she is this pose in the first place? Probably she gets licked hourly never mind daily!

What is a Guy Supposed to Do?-People Being Nasty With Statues

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