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People Being Nasty With Statues

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 10:19 am


The one thing you have to say about this guy is that he is being very adventurous with the statue he has decided to molest as well as how he views himself. Let's be honest here, the horse is going to feel nothing.

2.A bit too much?

So is this a bit too much considering it is a statue of the Pope? No wonder he is looking so pleased with himself though when you see what is in front of him.

3.That's just cheeky

There is no doubt that this statue is just being cheeky by coping a feel of her butt. No wonder she has a surprised look on her face.

4.In the Park in the Dark

The best thing about statues is, they never tell and at times that is a good thing. Just look at this one for example, what stories could it bring up?

5.Don't Judge!

Come on! Ask yourself "What is one supposed to do with a naked statue in broad daylight". Then judge this young lady okay!

6.What is a Guy Supposed to Do?

She was really asking for it. Why was she is this pose in the first place? Probably she gets licked hourly never mind daily!


These guys might seem strange, but personally we feel the statue and his pose is stranger. However, what must their partners think when they see them doing this?



Perhaps his fingers are bigger than her boyfriends what-sit? You never know, you know!

9.Gimme a Bear Hug!

In shops, parks and museums no statue is safe. Perhaps they need their own statue patrol. Not that they would be very active no doubt.


10.Second Life

This chap looked like he didn't have much fun in life. You can tell by his slouched shoulders and sad demeanor. Oh well, never mind, that has all changed now.

11.Clowning About

As Jimmy finished his cheese burger supreme he left the building, only to be beaten and slapped in the face by a big M clown. He is suing for millions! There is even proof on camera.


12.Useful Statues

Dear Diary, today I got fired, so I packed up my desk and went and f&%*cked up a statue. What did the statue do to her?

13.Uh Oh!

Don't be fooled by those little angelic cherub stone statues, they can get super vicious. We wonder what he did wrong?

14.Hmm! Maybe Not

Perhaps a whole new genre of porn will emerge from all this statue fun? It probably isn't a good idea to do it on a grave stone statue though. It just lacks respect somehow.

15.What is Good for the Goose

Before you go dissing humans for their strange statue molestation behavior, don't forget that statues do it too. You never know what they are capable of doing.


Then there are the friendly statues that just look like they could do with a hug. This iron capped statue got one and a kiss as well! Perhaps he had more life and warmth than her husband.

17.Great Feed Back

Statues bring the worst out in us, here this young lady gets busy with a clown, top off and hair wild. Ah well! Perhaps it is the only bl0w j0b she has ever given where she got such a big smile?

18.Lucky Bugger

Statues definitely have more fun than real people? Just you try standing in the park for hours and hours, we doubt this will happen to you. You might sand there for days, weeks, years or even centuries, just like he did!


Some people have no manners at all. Here this guy cops a lick at the kids ice-cream, but it could have been a lot worse.

20.Take That!

Some statues are just asking for it. At least this female statue has someone praying for her statuesque soul.

21.Night Time Cover-Up

When it is dark and late and the moon is out, the statue people are about. Hiding this and that. While we all sleep soundly in our beds they are the one's that care!

22.Old Fashioned Discipline?

This is certainly a good way to control a class, particularly a naughty school boy. "Now, get back in your chair and behave young man!".

23.King Schlong!

It is said that a persons true nature comes out when they see a statue. Okay, that is so not true but it does make one wonder, after all they cannot tell afterwards can they? This guy needs a gorilla size statue it would appear.


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