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Pregnant Women Taking Fitness Too Seriously

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 8:08 am

1.Stop earlier

Most people will look at this image and wish that this woman had stopped lifting weights earlier on in her pregnancy as there is just something that is not natural about all of this. Lifting weights when this heavily pregnant just should not be done.

2.Too much exercise

This woman has actually produced a video for pregnant women and telling them how they can still work out, but she has just taken everything a step too far. There are no half measures when it comes to the effort she puts in and it just cannot be good for her.

3.Too much strain

If you do want to life weights when pregnant, then why would you then try to break your own personal record and lift as heavy a weight as you possibly can? That is just absolute madness.

4.Pounding the streets

This woman runs on a regular basis even though she is pregnant and is that the best decision that she has ever made in her life? She is putting so much pressure on her joints and body in general that it just cannot be good for her.

5.A beach run?

A beach run is not exactly the easiest of things when you are not pregnant, so how much harder is it going to be when that happens? This woman is clearly heavily pregnant, so surely somebody should be pointing this out to her?


You can maybe understand how doing yoga can stop a woman from becoming too stressed, but surely there is a limit as to what should be done? Maybe too much bending and stretching is not as good as you think?

7.Is it still too much?

You could argue that because she is sitting down and lifting small weights that this is fine, but she still looks very toned and that hints at her doing other things as well. Maybe this is a bit self obsessed on their part?


8.Please stop

You look at this photograph and all you can think about is wishing that she would stop doing them. Yes keeping fit when pregnant is a good thing, but there has to be a limit as to what you can and cannot do.

9.Working out is not good

You would imagine that this is going to put extra strain on the body and that is not exactly something that the body needs when it is carrying an unborn child. At times it comes across as a bit selfish that they are still putting their body though all of this.



At what point in your pregnancy do you sit there and wish you could go and do a handstand again? The chances are that those thoughts never enter your mind, but they did with this woman and is she wise to do this?

11.8 and a half months

This woman is apparently eight and a half months pregnant and can you honestly sit there and think that this is a good idea? She kept doing weightlifting all the way through her pregnancy and never stopped, but did nobody tell her anything different?


12.Too much strain

Is it wise doing this kind of exercise when you are pregnant? Surely there must be medical issues to contend with because that exercise is difficult when you are not expecting a child.


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