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Realistic Drawings Of Cartoon Characters

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 10:27 pm


There is a realistic drawing of Brock who is one of the famous characters from pokemon series. It looks in his realistic drawing like he shifted to city as he is standing in a room of an apartment. Designer put all his efforts to give him a look of Chinese boy but failed somewhere to do so.

2.Ariel-The Little mermaid..

Wow! What a beauty!!! Here is realistic drawing of Ariel who used to be the queen of every child in their childhood. In her realistic drawing, she is looking as innocent as we used to saw her on TV. Designer did fantastic job in showing her simplicity along with her naughtiness.


O My God! If this is a real picture of Popeye then that would really want to watch him on TV. This Popeye really needs some spinach to look like a hero instead of looking like an angry grand pa. Kinda makes me wonder what designer would do with Olive Oyl!

4.Real Jessica-rabbit

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way," perfect quote by Jessica Rabbit. Who don't want a wife like her? She is a hot female cartoon temptress who loves her husband named Rogger Rabbit very much. Even the designer who tried to draw her in realistic way couldn't resist showing her boldness in his art.


Everyone is well known about Stewie Griffin, A famous character of cartoon series. Stewie looks like a cute little saint we didn't think it was possible with those sinister eyes he looks even more evil compared to that one. Even the designer could avoid himself to hide his evil look .


I guess everyone knows him. He used to be our super hero. We spent our whole childhood in helping him to save his Princess from the enemies. But unfortunately the designer designed his realistic drawing in such a way that he is looking like a bus driver instead of a super hero.


Look at here, There is Stan smith in his realistic drawing. You can observe his strange shape of his face as he's having an ugly chin. "Thank God, the designer didn't put more efforts to make it more realistic as it will turn out worst than we thought"



"Yabba- Dabba -Doo! You are looking too good in real, Barney" Surely these words will be spoken by Fred after seeing his neighbor in real. He is looking as simple as he used to be in the series. I guess People would surely like to see Fred's realistic drawing too as soon as possible.


Who wants to go with Buzz Lightyear of star command to have an adventurous trip of space? Realistic buzz is not looking as active as he used to look in his TV series. After seeing his realistic drawing I must suggest him to get married soon as he is looking older than before.



"Wanna see me comb my hair, really fast?" one of the famous quote by johnny bravo. I assume that he always consume a large quantity of Gel for setting this hair style in such a way So that he can make the un-successful attempt to impress the girls with his Weird hair style.


Here is realistic Mojo jojo who is not looking like a supervillian as we used to see him on TV. It looks like he tested himself for some of his new invention and result is in front of us. I think he has just changed his mind that now he wants to become the daddy or assistant of powder-puff girls.

12.Real Pikachu

Who don't want to have a real Pikachu at home. This cutie pie was the hero of many youngsters who ever had watched Pokemon on cartoon network. I m sure some of them also painted their pet like Pikachu so there is a realistic Pikachu in front of you.


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