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Unbelievable Sexist Signs

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:34 pm

1.To Kill A Woman

An old sign that is plain ridiculous. So ridiculous that many people may chuckle, but back in the day, this was used to frighten women in submission. Asking if it's illegal to kill a woman, makes woman appear as second class citizens, almost like murdering a dog versus a human. Which has a lesser sentence?


At first glance this looks like any treadmill at any gym, but look closer. The up arrow to make the treadmill go faster has a little man on it, while the down arrow, to slow down the treadmill, has a down arrow. What does this say? It seems they are trying to say that men are stronger and faster than women.


This very passive aggressive sign seems, at first, to be trying to tell people not to be sexist, but then right under it is as sexist as they come by calling women bitches. While it can be funny to men, and even to some women who relish in the fact that they are indeed bitches, it doesn't take away from the fact that it's sexist.


Why is it that most billboards have a scantily clad, gorgeous woman in it? Because sex sells, that's why. This sign is show us just how dextrous a woman can be when she is on all fours, shooting pool. It draws the men into their gym so they can attract a woman like this, and attracts woman who want to look like this.

5.10 Man'Ments

Playing up on the 10 Commandments, this sign for Dr. Pepper makes it seem like no woman could possibly handle this drink. Along with that, Dr. Pepper is giving men 10 Man'ments to help them navigate social networks without looking like a schoolgirl. Racist remarks over and over again, and you call yourself a doctor, Pepper?

6.Laundry For Women

Whether this was intention or not, it is sexist. The sign tells women to go right and where does that lead? To the laundry room, that's where. Since it's all on the same sign we know that it's meant to cause women to take notice. The question is, where is this sign hanging?

7.Clean Up After Yourself

Another wildly sexist sign telling people to clean up after themselves, but referring to the females in their lives who might be doing the cleaning for them. A sign like this is likely to repel any women in the area, but may make any chauvinistic men happy. Not a place to take your girlfriend or wife ... or mother, for that matter.


8.Wash Woman

Hopefully this is meant to be funny, but it's really not. Under the washing instructions for this piece of clothing, obviously male apparel, it tells the wearer to give it to their woman. What day and age do we live in where any manufacturer would print that on a piece of clothing.

9.Crossing Sign

A sign that tells us that shoppers are crossing is not the problem. In fact, it helps to keep shoppers safe as they cross the road, letting drivers be aware of pedestrian traffic. The problem here is that whoever made this sign thinks that only women shop with their little girls.


10.Female Motorists

This is so prevalent in the auto repair world, the sign just brings it to light. When a woman walks into a shop, most times they are taken advantage of because they seem to not know as much as men do, or at least that what the mechanics think. However, there are more and more women who will be able to call them out because of their own knowledge of how cars work.

11.Double Standard

A sexist sign that probably gets a lot of chuckles from the men, not so much from the women, but depending on where they are located, they may get someone women who actually remove their shirts for entrance. It's funny how discrimination works. If it benefits those being called out, sometimes they don't mind.


12.Female Kitchen Work

You can't get any more sexist than this. What year are we in anyway? The kitchen is woman's work, and they prefer a female to do it. Who knew this type of discrimination went on in today's society. One has to wonder who posted the sign and if anyone actually answered it.


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