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Valentine's Day Cards That You Should Not Give Your Partner

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 9:46 am

1.Must Love Poop

One can only ascertain from this card that the card giver is the poo and the recipient is the toilet paper. What goes together better than that? Toilet paper is useless without poo and poo is just a mess without toilet paper. A great card for the right relationship, or a disaster for some.

2.You're Not Fat

Oh how sweet. Telling someone they are not as fat as they think is pretty darn nice. That is, if they actually think they're fat. If they don't really think they're fat, this card just told them so. Guess what's going to happen to the card giver? Well, it's definitely not a kiss on the lips, but maybe a punch in the kisser.

3.National Treasure

This is a strange card all around. First, if its a woman giving it to a man, would he really want a card with Nicolas Cage in sexy poses? And,if it's a man giving it to a woman, shouldn't it be his face and body on the card? The saying is a clever take on Cage's film, but that's about it.

4.Love Till death

This is a great sentiment if you really think about it.The card giver is telling you that they will love you no matter what, unconditionally. Isn't that what we are all seeking? However, there are probably better ways to say it. Telling someone that they might someday be so ugly that it caused everyone to die isn't very romantic.

5.Take Off Your Clothes

Forget about rhyming. The card giver just wants your clothes off. They also want you to know that because they spent money on this card, you owe them to get naked. It could be funny, but it could also be passive aggressive, but isn't that what greeting cards are all about anyway?

6.I Got Time For You

This is cute, but kind of in bad taste since it brings up a bad time for people who were suffering from a disaster. The sentiment is there, maybe without this woman's face on the card. It all depends on the relationship as to whether the card giver will receive a big smooch, or a boot out the door.

7.Pigs Love Mud

It's cute but there could be an underlying message in this card. Is it saying that the card giver is a pig, or that the recipient is as dirty as mud? Either way, pigs and mud go together well, and that's the message to take away from this card. It could go either way after that.


8.Favorite Thing To Do

This card can go over big or it can totally bomb, depending on the status of your relationship and how open your lover is. Some women are more discreet about their love making and certainly don't want it to be the subject of a romantic holiday, while others would just say, "giddie up." Token

When a card is an obligation. This Valentine's Day card looks like its a privilege for the recipient, but it's the card giver who truly gets the Valentine's Day gift when the token is cashed in. A clever way to be passive aggressive with your lover and get what you want.


10.You're A Pain

At first glance, this card is very insulting and if the recipient has bad eyesight, you may be dumped, before they can read the fine print. A very cute card if someone takes the time to read it though. When YOU'RE not with me A PAIN runs through my heart." How cute.

11.Nacho Girlfriend

This is a hilarious card to send to a guy you plan to break up with and is a sure way to end the relationship. It's actually quite clever, and whoever receives it will probably get a chuckle out of it after the dust settles, always remembering the person who sent it.


12.Lose Some Weight

Not a great card to give to your partner on Valentine's Day. This backhanded compliment will sting even the most confident and secure girl, and chances are if she is overweight she is not feeling all the confident to begin with. This is a great way to get dumped.


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