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Sexiest Video Game Tattoos

Friday, Mar 13, 2020, 11:11 am

1.Zelda back tattoo

Well this woman must be a big fan of Zelda as that is the only way that you can explain the sheer size of the tattoo on her back. It is very well done and at least the tattoo artist would have got an eyeful at the same time.



Well Murloc may not be the first character from a video game that you think of, but when it is done so well on a girl that is hot like this, then you have a winning tattoo. Yes it may be big, but just make it smaller if you think it is over the top because when you have the right combination like this, you do indeed have a wonderful sight to look at.


Did you ever think that a Pokemon tattoo could ever be classed as being sexy in some way? The chances are that you did not, but here is an example that shows it is indeed possible. It is a cool tattoo on what is obviously a hot body, so that is a lethal combination.


4.Bubble Bobble

The only thing that disappoints about this tattoo is that there could have been so much more done with it and better placements of the bubbles. However, it is still cool to look at and it does indeed deserve to be included here.


Halo is such a cool game, so it does mean that there has to be a good chance of a tattoo of Halo also being pretty cool. That is certainly the case here with this simple gun because lets face it you are looking at the entire picture and loving what you see aren't you.


6.We love Pacman

Come on you know how we all love Pacman and here is one pretty cool tattoo. Of course she is covering her modesty here, but it does mean we can admire the artwork rather than being completely distracted.


OK so it is quite a cool symbol anyway, but when you put it here it can start to become a bit sexier than it actually should be. You have to say that this is such a good tattoo and you just know that it is perfect for the girl in question.


8.Nintendo guns

Well is this not just one of the coolest tattoos you have seen for some time? It is of course the Nintendo guns and you have to say that it works very well indeed.

9.It's just a mushroom

See this may just be a mushroom on a leg, but what a leg it is on. In all honesty it is the leg that makes the tattoo, but then there is a chance that you will not be able to look at the tattoo due to what else is in the picture.


10.So close

What this tattoo shows is that you do not have to be big in order to be impressive, so size does indeed matter. Suddenly you have a completely different opinion on the validity of getting a video game tattoo.

11.Go Mario

Well it has to be pretty obvious as to why this is included in sexy video game tattoos. In actual fact does it need any other explanation? Maybe this is the perfect example of an image being worth a thousand words.



Well if you are going to get a Zelda inspired tattoo, then you may as well go for it big style. That is what this woman has done and you have to admit that it does indeed look seriously cool on her.


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