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24 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:31 pm

We all love watching movies, They are one of the best past time activities. Some movies are incredibly awesome in their story while some are really amazing in their actions, effects and thrills. Although we stick our eyes close to the screen when watching movies, often times we miss some very small details in our favorite movies. Wanna know what movie mistakes were present in your favorite movies? then check out these 24 mistakes ever made in popular movies.
1.Magic smash

Well this is certainly a magic smash mark because as soon as we get inside the car it moves to the side rather than being right in the middle. Clearly it felt bad about being in the driving line, so decided to move in order to make things easier.

2.Magic blood

Well this blood is certainly capable of doing more than just running down the hand because it can actually decrease itself and also vanish. That is impressive and he should be studied for medical science so we can get to the bottom of this phenomenon.

3.Magic wires

Well these are some magic wires because they manage to change their number and where they are all on their own. This is pretty impressive when you stop and think about it, but perhaps it would be better if the magic they performed was getting the kid better?

4.Magic windshields

Well these are some magic windshields as they can repair themselves on the move. How cool would it be if they could do that for real as it would stop us having to wait on them coming to fix it for us.

5.Magic bullet holes

So how did the wall know where they would fire the bullets? That is a magic wall since it just ends up making the bullet holes before a shot is fired, but then it also shows a lack of confidence in them being able to actually hit their intended target.

6.Vanishing suspenders

Well this is a bit awkward because it appears as if there is a case of some vanishing suspenders in Titanic. However, when you consider what the movie is all about this does end up being the least of their worries.

7.Magic mark

Well either she has a magical beauty mark or she has two of them because that is the only way that it can also end up on the other side of her face. Can a makeup person not make sure that they get this kind of thing right each day?


8.Magic windows

Imagine if windows were actually like this because it would result in glazing companies being put out of business. They are either capable of mending themselves or the repair guys are very fast in the world of Spiderman.

9.Magic swap

Oh look it's Harry Potter and this time he is managing to go from one side of the table to the other and all right in front of us. He really is a little magician, but then you cannot say the same for the people that check these kinds of things in the movie.


10.Magic stairs

The only explanation here is that even the stairs were that scared that they changed shape in an attempt to get away. OK that could not happen, so how did they manage to make such a huge mistake in this movie?

11.Magic cup

Come on how difficult is it to get a cup right? Surely all they had to do was to make sure that she picked up the same one with the different shots? It's not as if it is just a different blue cup because it is completely different.

12.Magic scar

So this is a bit silly then because here a scar manages to somehow change sides and they expect us not to notice. How did they manage to make a mistake such as this or is the role that the scar plays that important that it forces itself back into the shot?

13.Magic sticker

So this sticker ends up going from old to new in a split second. What we can deduce from this is that a telephone guy ran in and changed the handset in the blink of an eye and was so fast that we never even saw them do it.

14.Magic shirt tail

Is there any point in Harry Potter that does not have a continuity error? Here the shirt tail does indeed unstuck itself in a matter of a split second, so how do you end up explaining that away?

15.Magic necklace

So how did this necklace manage to reappear? Did it fall down the hole and when she fell in she somehow caught up with it and it fitted itself around her neck again or something?

16.A magic coat

So how exactly did this happen? How can a coat completely change in this way and people that are in the crew do not catch on until it is far too late to do anything about it? This coat is not even close to the other one in the shot either.

17.Magic hair

It is clear that a lot of strange things go on in Harry Potter because how else can we explain the magic hair in this scene? Just what on earth is going on? Did she have half of a haircut?

18.They made a tree appear!!

Well we know that Harry Potter is all about magic, but do they not have better things to do than to make a tree appear in random places? Surely there are some evil beings that they could fight against rather than playing around with mother nature?

19.The moving door

Well this is certainly impressive from Men in Black II because we knew that they could do strange things, but change the location of the door? It's ok as they will just do that light thing to make us forget all about it.

20.A magic pistol

James Bond is capable of getting some cool equipment, but did he give Halle Berry a special gun that changes type all on its own? It is the only explanation for it going like this unless somebody making the movie was just being stupid.

21.Powerful paper

Well this is impressive because without him getting up from his chair he has managed to completely transform the paperwork on his desk. Surely something as basic as this should be spotted in the movie before it gets its final edit?

22.The magic props

Little did we realize that Brad Pitt is not only an actor, but he is also a magician. In Oceans Eleven he manages to turn a glass into a plate and then into a glass again and boy is that one clever trick to pull off.

23.Ahoy there cameraman

Well this is certainly something that only the eagle eyed would spot because as you can see in this still there is a member of the crew in the background. How this managed to sneak into the movie is unknown.

24.Wrong date

Well this is certainly a mistake that only the most ardent of car enthusiasts would pick up on because how can they be driving a car from 2013 when the movie is about 2010? This is a real basic error from them and one that could so easily have been avoided.


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