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15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 5:06 pm

Losing a part of a body because of an accident or a disease is a terrible thing. People who are physically challenged from their birth or childhood are quite used to their situation, but people who lose a body part because of an unfortunate incident take years to come over. Some people, however, see a positive side in everything. Here are fifteen such awesome amputees who tell the world what they really are. The images are funny, but remember those amputees may not be inviting everyone in the world to laugh at their photos.
1.Shark Attack

The snow shark there looks innocent like most of the sharks out there in the sea but this amputee who lost his leg to a shark decided to recreate the scene in funniest way possible. This light hearted joke can make everybody smile! We can take a lesson or two from this fellow on how to live happily with what we have in our hands.

Shark Attack-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

2.He Can Fly

With this enthusiasm, this guy has proved that one doesn’t need to be perfect or have everything to do what they want to do. He did this Halloween costume and stunt better than many people. Sadly, this amputee is missing a leg, but that missing leg itself helped him become a flamingo! Nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do, except you.

He Can Fly-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

3.Most Creative Tattoos Ever

Some physically challenged people or amputees worry a lot about how society will treat them. Some of them even worry about what people think of them. Real ones, however, don’t mind even if people laugh at them. They poke fun at themselves by coming up with things like what you are seeing in this image. He is now raising a cute dolphin and carrying all its responsibilities on his shoulders!

Most Creative Tattoos Ever -15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

4.This Lego Leg

This lady knows she can find no stronger or no better prosthetic leg than one that was made with Lego pieces. This is beautiful. We hope she liked her Lego leg. That’s one way to keep yourself busy and entertaining. 

This Lego Leg-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

5.Trolling Kids on Beach

No one knows better than him what’s sense of humor is. This amputee man is trolling kids on the beach, in the best way possible. Those kids are confused! We bet many of us will be thanking ourselves for not being in that place watching this amputee man doing this scary prank. 

Trolling Kids on Beach-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

6.One Giant Finger

This guy knows how to make people around smile without even uttering a word out. This amputee who lost his wrist drew a nail on his hand, which made his hand look like a giant finger. This is some creativity! That’s one big and powerful finger out there!

One Giant Finger-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

7.He Made Best Use of His Situation

We don’t even words to describe this! Should we call this funny or intelligent? This smart guy knows how to make most out of his situation! He turned his shoe into an instant cup holder! Look at that smile on his face! This guy knows what life is all about! 

He Made Best Use of His Situation-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor


8.Life in Brutal Reality

This guy or girl is the most brutal honest and practical you ever find in your life. That’s not a tattoo; that’s a statement! He or she very well knows what dark humor is all about! Never ever laugh at this picture, as you can understand what kind of a person he or she is by just reading that message on the foot.

Life in Brutal Reality-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

9.That’s Cute Shark

We have another amputee here who put tattoo around his amputated hand to make it look like a roaring shark! We think he may have lost his hand in a terrible shark attack. If we are wrong, we send our apologies to that cute shark for making it look like a serial sea killer. 

That’s Cute Shark-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor


10.Gone to Market

Try not laugh at this one! Yes, the one who did this wants you, us, and everyone around the world to notice it and laugh. It is sad to see people losing parts of their body like this, but they don’t want anyone feel sad or pity for them. He or she says his lost finger has gone to market, and let’s not question back when will it come back!

Gone to Market-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

11.That Costume is a Christmas Gift

She knows that losing a leg doesn’t stop her being awesome! She always believes she can become anything, so she became a bed lamp! This is outrageously funny, but let’s try very hard not to laugh hard at this one, though this lady wants to share a few laughs to all of us with her lamp costume.

That Costume is a Christmas Gift-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

12.Scariest Shark Attack Ever

Oh boy, why always sharks? It looks this guy also has lost a leg in a shark attack. He could find no better theme a shark attack for Halloween costume. This is sad, but funny at the same. This guy really had a light heart, and truly wants to share few laughs to his friends and family. Don’t think that this is a real shark attack! As you can see, there’s no water around!

Scariest Shark Attack Ever-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

13.Look What This Couple Has Gifted Each Other

The guy on the left is missing an arm. The lady on the right has gone through mastectomy recently. Look what the couple has gifted each other! He received gloves as gift from her, while she received a bra as gift from him. This is one such situation where you think you should not laugh, but will laugh in the end, because it’s funny.

Look What This Couple Has Gifted Each Other-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

14.High Four

High Four, Bro! We know it will take few seconds for you to completely get funnier side of this image. This guy had a tattoo on finger “High Four” making fun of his lost finger. Sometimes amputees feel it’s good make people around them laugh, so they move comfortably with them, stopping those never ending ‘feel sorry for your situation’ messages!

High Four-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

15.Where are My Muscles

We bet most of us wonder how this person can even laugh! Most of us are never happy with our lives, body or other things, and complain round the clock about something. Look at this guy and check out that heartful laugh on his face. People like him are true inspiration. As we said, we can learn a lot from people like him on how to be happy with what we have got.

Where are My Muscles-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor


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