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15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 5:06 pm

Losing a part of a body because of an accident or a disease is a terrible thing. People who are physically challenged from their birth or childhood are quite used to their situation, but people who lose a body part because of an unfortunate incident take years to come over. Some people, however, see a positive side in everything. Here are fifteen such awesome amputees who tell the world what they really are. The images are funny, but remember those amputees may not be inviting everyone in the world to laugh at their photos.
7.He Made Best Use of His Situation

We don’t even words to describe this! Should we call this funny or intelligent? This smart guy knows how to make most out of his situation! He turned his shoe into an instant cup holder! Look at that smile on his face! This guy knows what life is all about! 

He Made Best Use of His Situation-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

8.Life in Brutal Reality

This guy or girl is the most brutal honest and practical you ever find in your life. That’s not a tattoo; that’s a statement! He or she very well knows what dark humor is all about! Never ever laugh at this picture, as you can understand what kind of a person he or she is by just reading that message on the foot.

Life in Brutal Reality-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

9.That’s Cute Shark

We have another amputee here who put tattoo around his amputated hand to make it look like a roaring shark! We think he may have lost his hand in a terrible shark attack. If we are wrong, we send our apologies to that cute shark for making it look like a serial sea killer. 

That’s Cute Shark-15 Amputees With Awesome Sense Of Humor

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