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Best Cities For Single Women To Live

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 8:08 pm


Boston, like New York, has that east coast flavor. Not to mention the delicious seafood. Take a boat ride or a walk down the Charles River, go to a baseball game at Fenway Park or have a lobster dinner at any of the many shoreline restaurants. It's a great place to date and meet cultured men who like art, music, and history.


The lush beautiful lanscape, the blue ocean waves, the beach, the hula dancers. What more can you ask for dude? Surfs up every day in Honolulu and singles gravitate to the city for the nightlife. Casual, upbeat and open, it's easy for singles to meet and get to know each other.

3.San diego

San diego is even warmer than Los Angles but with a different beat. Singles come for the sun, beaches and nightlife. The dating scene is always in full swing as people dress in their nicest outfits for a night out during warm nights. Lots of legs and short skirts.

4.New York

If you ever watched sex And The City, you learned just how fun it could be dating in New York City. It really is the city that doesn't sleep. There is something happening every night. Take a walk in Central Park, or better yet, a horse and buggy ride under the stars. With the sights, change in seasons, and culture, the city is the perfect place to date.

5.Las Vegas

The city of sin, where do we begin. The weather is great, the beat is pumping and there are so many things to do. And, with little wedding chapels available, you could end up married on your first date. Stranger things have happened, and some of those couples have stayed married and had grandkids together.

6.Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a summer girl's dream come true. The endless sunshine, the beaches and the many handsome men trying to make it as actors, singers, musicians, directors and more. There are red carpet events, movie screenings and concerts happening all over the city. Dating here is easy as everyone is so happy all the time.


Yes it's called the windy city, but Chicago is a whole lot more. Think of it as a lower rent New York City. There are sushi restaurants, bars and outdoor concerts, and even celebrities meandering throughout the city. With so much to do, the changing seasons, and a chance to cuddle during the snow, it's a great date place.


8.Washington, D.C.

If you're young, independent, and powerful, and a woman, then Washington D.C.'s for you. There is a low divorce rate once you do pair up and marry. There is a lot to do on first dates as the city is bursting with culture, history, arts, politics and a lot more.


You've got the Colorado Rockies, a lively bar scene, and baseball. The majestic Denver is romantic and attracts both single men and single women for different reasons, but they come together with their love of the outdoors, the changing seasons and the young scene that promises to pair couples quicker than a bull to a matador.



Austin is becoming the new hot spot for singles. With a great music scene, art scene and now even an actors scene, Austin has great weather and fun things to do. Single men outweigh single women, so bachelorettes get their choice while living in a fun atmosphere with the hip and trendy.


With a lively music scene, Seattle has natural beauty and a low unemployment rate. With the rainy weather, it makes for great cuddle time, staying in for the night by a fire with a cup of tea and watching movies. Great for singles to meet, as everyone is into doubling up.



What's not to love about Phoenix? The cost of living is low, there's plenty of sunshine to give you enough Vitamin D to make you eternally happy, and thirty percent of the men are single. So in essence you got a large pool of happy men to choose from who don't have to pay high rent and can spend money on you. Sounds great right?


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