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Cartoon Characters & Their Real Life Counterparts

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 7:45 pm

Who doesn't love Cartoons? They are the best part of our childhood, They taught us some of the most important lessons in life while making us smile. At some part of our childhood we wanted to meet our favorite cartoon characters in real but only to realize they don't exist in reality. But what if we tell you some of them do exist? Well, not the real ones but their lookalikes. Here are 12 Cartoon Characters & Their Real Life Counterparts
1.Bill Murray

Yes thanks to the color of his beard and wearing that red hat there is a clear resemblance between Papa Smurf and Bill Murray. The only difference is that one has a blue face and the other has a blue shirt.


The resemblance here really is uncanny and you have to say that the parents must have seen the resemblance facially and decided to do her hair the same in order to make her look even more like her. You have to say that this approach has certainly worked.


This is another hilarious cartoon look-a-like and the only thing that is really different is that Herbert is not smoking a cigarette. Apart from that the shape of the face, the nose, the hair, and even the build are all the same.

4.Peter Griffin

Robert Franzese cosplaying as the Real Life Peter Griffin goes to New York Comic Con 2014. Robert cosplayed Peter Griffin so well that youtubers want him to be in Family guy movie, I wish i was there to see him :)

Peter Griffin-Cartoon Characters & Their Real Life Counterparts
You do wonder how often this guy has had it pointed out to him that he has a cartoon counterpart. The video of him in comic con has crossed over 3M views as i am writing this.Peter Griffin-Cartoon Characters & Their Real Life Counterparts


5.Mr Satan

This one is particularly hilarious because this guy has just dressed like this normally and is completely unaware of the fact that he does look like Mr Satan from Dragon Ball X. All he needs is a white cape and he would be good to go.

6.Yep they are identical

It is almost as if the parents of this kid have decided to model their child on the cartoon character because sure it is not possible for them to be so alike? Yes it does help that they have dressed him the same, but even without that it would be pretty good.

7.Yep he looks like Tarzan

In this particular photograph you can see the resemblance between Weird Al and Tarzan even though it feels as if he has posed for this snapshot just to achieve this. However, there is a pretty good chance that Tarzan has a better body.


8.Just wow

The kid on the right is really just the spitting image of the chef from Ratatouille even down to the way that the teeth kind of jut out a bit. The fact that he even has the same color of hair just helps to add to it.

9.The glasses really help

The one thing that you notice with this look-a-like is that the glasses do actually make a difference. OK it does help with the fact that his head is the same shape and everything else, but without those glasses it would be harder to see the resemblance.


10.Which one is the cartoon?

So which one is the cartoon here? Obviously the guy has dressed in the same clothes just for this image, but facially he is absolutely spot on.

11.Spot the difference

When it comes to this one the only difference is that the cartoon character has a baseball cap on, but apart from that it is absolutely spot on. Even the smile is pretty close and it is scary to think that they can indeed look so similar.

12.It really is uncanny

You cannot help but look at this image and just think that they are identical twins. The guy even has the same big forehead and hairstyle, but the big question is who modeled themselves on who here?


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