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Hilarious Public Apologies

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 8:46 am


This apology in itself was hilarious mainly because of the way in which people could just not believe what was going on. He had no option but to apologize considering the way his wife was after him with his own clubs, but even after this he was not out of the woods yet.

2.Fake apology

This is actually a prank apology on a train, but at the same time it just feels more sincere than the actual real apology that is often dished out. At least the prankster managed to sum up how other people are feeling about the situation.

3.Sorry about themselves

This apology is funny because you wonder how a newspaper could even manage to get its name wrong in the first place. Surely somebody would have noticed it before it went to print? Surely the name has stayed the same since the newspaper was started?

4.Being honest

The one thing that you have to say about this kid is that at least they are being honest with what they are saying. They have tried to be sorry, but they just cannot admit that they feel it, but hey at least the teacher will be happy.

5.Wall apology

The one thing that you have to say about this apology is that it is emotional to say the least. The guy must be pretty sure that he means it because he has put a lot of effort into thinking about the wording that was then going to be used. You wonder if she accepted it now don't you?

6.Apology for an apology

You get the feeling that this newspaper really should not have bothered with their apology when they ended up making a mistake with the apology and then needing to print another apology to apologize for the apology. Hopefully that has cleared it up for you.


You get the feeling that the guy that received this apology is suddenly going to be quite happy that he was smacked in the face with that controller. Basically he is getting a treat at both ends at the same time, so watch out as he tries to repeat being hit by the controller several times a week.


8.Rich man

OK so you are supposed to leave your number if you crash into another car, but this person has other ideas. You have to laugh at the mere fact that they felt compelled to write the note and also explain why they decided to not leave their number. At least they are being honest.

9.Poor Dick

It is not the apology itself that is hilarious here, but rather what they are saying sorry for in the first place. The question here is whether or not Dick is actually worried about the error or if he is walking around with a giant smile on his face and reveling in his new found glory.



This public apology is hilarious because of how complex it is and the fact that it is for an error made with a puzzle is something that you just cannot ignore. You need to be an expert at solving things just to understand what is going on because what apology is for what puzzle? The world needs to know!!

11.Apology and proposal

This apology is a real mixture of emotions. First it is saying sorry for being an idiot, but then he turns it around and it ends up with a marriage proposal. The only thing you have to say is that he should have thought it out a bit more and got a bigger van because boy has he squeezed it all in.


12.Garage door

This apology is funny because they have taken their original offence and just made it a million times worse by writing the apology on the actual door itself. You have to admire the person for their wit in doing this because most people would have settled with a letter, but not this guy.


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