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How To Become An Athlete

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 6:39 pm

1.Prevent Injury

No matter how much of an athlete someone is, no matter how experienced, how limber or how strong, warming up is highly recommended to prevent injury. Muscles and tendons that are not warmed up are subject to tears and pulls that can take you out of the game for a long time.

2.Eat Healthy

Eating healthy foods is essential to any athlete. Food is the fuel that propels the body, keeps it strong, and protects it from injury. Without a solid, healthy diet, it would be impossible to reach the status of an athlete. Bones, muscle and organs need nutrients to grow and become strong.

3.Do Yoga

Yoga is a great practice for any athlete. It stretches the muscles, increases balance and coordination, and increases mental awareness. Yoga is an all over workout strengthens both the mind and body, and prepares you for any competition or sport. The most athletic people are those who train their entire bodies.

4.Get Competitive

Competition makes winners. It pushes you to be better, making you the best you can be. Enter competitions to see where you fall in your specific sport, try out for teams or squads, or compete against your own time. Challenge and athletes go hand in hand, and makes you work all that much harder.

5.Add Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular training is essential to any athlete. It increases stamina and endurance, give you an edge over your competition, even if your only competition is yourself. HIIT training, which is high intensity interval training, is effective in mimicking the high bursts of energy needed in most sports or challenging activities.

6.Begin Training With Weights

Weight training is highly effective training for any sport or activity. It gives you the strength to successfully complete the actions needed. Weight training is essential for healthy bones and builds muscle and strength, even people who are not athletes, but it gives athletes a distinct advantage.

7.Run Drills

Running drills is one of the best ways to train to be an athlete. It puts the actions in your brain and the more you repeat the drills the more the action become embedded. Not only that, but your physical stamina increases through drills. These are highly effective for any athlete's training regimen.


8.Practice Techniques

Technique is very important for any athlete. You not only want to be able to do the sport, but you want to use proper form. Some sports require greater technique than others, but even something as simple as running has its own specifics, such as how you swing your arms, how your feet land and push of, your stride, and more.

9.Get A Coach

Get yourself a coach. They know how to motivate and push you beyond your sticking points. A coach knows what it takes to train an athlete and will give you that extra motivation to push through plateaus or other obstacles. A fitness trainer, or sports coach is a great place to start.


10.Learn All You Can About Your Interest

Learn everything you can about your activity or sport. Become an expert in the field by doing your research online, in the library and by networking with others who actually participate in your activity of interest. Learn the rules if its a sport, and how to achieve your desired success.

11.Find A Sport or Activity Of Interest

Find a sport or activity that you like, such as soccer, basketball, or baseball, but it doesn't have to be a sport. Athletes are those who are physically active to a superior level. Even a runner can be considered an athlete, even if he just runs for keeping in shape.


12.Get Off The Couch

You can't be an athlete and a couch potato at the same time. The first thing you have to do is get off that couch and move. Sitting is becoming an epidemic in our country, and is a killer. The more you sit the earlier you may die. So get up, stretch those legs, and get moving.


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