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Insane Fast Food Facts

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 7:44 pm

1.Each Person in the United States Consumes 7.64 lbs. Of Fast Food Beef

Now that's a lot of bull! Each person in the United States consumes 7.64 pounds of fast food beef per year. That's what keeps the fast food industry in business. However, the beef you are getting isn't anywhere near the best cuts. In fact, you get the left overs that are clinging to the bone, that even a butcher wouldn't buy.

2.McDonald's Fired Willard Scott, The First Ronald McDonald, For Being Too Fat

Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald, but ironically enough, he was fired for being too fat. Now maybe if they kept a chubby Ronald McDonald around, then people would at least know what was in store for them. It's kind of false advertising to see that clown so skinny if he spends so much time in the restaurant.

3.McDonald's Menu Contains Only 7 Items That Are Without Sugar

Most of the items on McDonald's menu contain sugar, with only seven items being sugar free. You may think that the sugar is only in the desserts, but there are hidden sugars in everything, including the salad dressing. And, did you know, that processed white bread, from which the buns are made, turns to sugar in your body when you eat it?

4.Takes a 5 Hour Walk to Burn Off A Big Mac

With 704 calories, and more than half of them coming from fat (47 grams), it would take a consistent walk of 5 or more hours to burn off just one of them. The Big Mac contains two burgers and two slices of cheese, which automatically doubles the fat and colorie content of their regular cheeseburger, but add the special sauce, made out of mayonnaise, and an extra piece of bread, and you've got one hefty lunch, that would take the rest of your day to burn off.

5.McDonald's Hash Browns Contain More Calories Than Their Big Mac

Think this little hasbrown, with your eggs, looks harmless? Think again! One of these hashbrowns at McDonald's has more fat and calories than their Big Mac. To make matters worse, they are not as filling. If you are going to fill up on empty calories, you may as well fill your tummy.

6.14 Ingredients Are Used To Make One Wendy's Frosty

A milkshake should only be milk and ice cream, blended together, right? We thought so too, but at Wendy's, their Frosty's contain 14 ingredients that are mostly all chemicals. Sure there's some milk in there somewhere, but for the most part you are eating manufactured food. So if you feel guilty about the fat, that's the least of your problems.

7.100 Different Cows Are Used For One Fast Food Burger

A widely unknown fact about those burgers you crave from your favorite fast food chain, is that the meat in those burgers do not come from the same cow. In fact, it's not even close. Most burgers contain meat from up to 100 cows, blended together, not to mention the pink slime.


8.Taco Bell Salad Contains A Whopping 52 Grams of Fat

Fifty two grams of fat in a salad? Most people think they are doing their body good by choosing a salad versus a greasy burger in a fast food restaurant, but that is not always the case. Taco Bell's salad contains more fat than five of their regular tacos. What?

9.French Fries Are The Most Popular Fast Food

It's no surprise that french fries are the most popular fast food in America. As good as they taste, they contain a ton of calories and fat, even for a small fry. Dairy Queen, for instance, has their regular sized fries at 700 calories, with Arbys (600) and McDonald's (570) following right behind them. That's not a lot of fries for the amount of calories consumed.


10.Ninety (90%) of American Kids Eat McDonalds Every Month

Statistics show that an astonishing 90% of children in America eat McDonald's every month. An even sadder fact is that, before most children are speaking, they are pointing to and recognizing Ronald McDonald, the fast food chain's mascot. What this means is that parents are opting for the easy way out, when it comes to dinner time.

11.Fecal Matter In Soda Machines

Yep, you read that right! Fecal matter has been found in almost 50% of soda machines in fast food chains. The culprit? People not washing their hands after using the rest room and then pushing the buttons on the machines to dispense the soda. This occurs on self-serve dispensers, and the ones behind the counter.


12.Hong Kong Beats the US In Eating Fast Food

Most people think that Americans visit fast food chains the most, but they are on the wrong side of the world. It is the Chinese, particularly in Hong Kong, that eat the most fast food. Counting for 61 percent of humans in the world, Hong Kong is number with about 35 percent of them eating fast food at least once a week or more.


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