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Things You Don't Know About Justin Bieber

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 8:36 am

Justin bieber is famous for his teenage girls following and his singing but did you know he can actually play 4 instruments and is afraid of Sharks? Well, this is just a gist of things you probably don't know about him, here are 12 more cool things you don't know about Justin Bieber.

Apart from the sneakers he wears on stage, Justin will only wear a pair once and then get rid of them rather than doing what most of us will do and wear them until they fall apart. This means he is spending a fortune just on sneakers alone, but when you have his money it does not pose the same problem as it does for others.

Sneakers-Things You Don't Know About Justin Bieber


Justin has a real fear of sharks, which is understandable, but at the same time he absolutely loves to jet ski, so that does pose a problem in that he is going to be in the water at some point with a shark around him. However, he does make sure that it does not put him off having fun and perfecting his skills on the water.

Sharks-Things You Don't Know About Justin Bieber


Justin loves the Segway and indeed he has two of them on tour with him at all times. They also say that he has managed to learn how to steer them without using his hands although this is just showing off and is certainly something that you just do not have to do unless you are bored.

Segway-Things You Don't Know About Justin Bieber

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