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Stupid First World Problems People Posting On Twitter

Saturday, Mar 21, 2020, 9:20 am

1.Children are a pain

Ah yes the eternal rich persons problem. Imagine people having the cheek to be a family when the schools are on holiday and going to the same place as you. Imagine having the spare money to go skiing, which is not cheap, and then not realizing how lucky they are.


2.Cheesy screen

Two things here. First, you would need to explain what camembert is and second you would need to explain what HTC is and why this is a major issue. Now go back and look at it. How stupid have you been?

3.Poor porridge

We really are spoilt in the first world because we end up worrying about the amount of jam in porridge or other pretty insane things along those same lines. Others would jump at the chance of just having some porridge in general, jam or not jam.


4.No fennel disaster

Just picture what the third world version would say here because it would be along the lines of 'No food left at the deli. Disaster.' Does that not look a bit different? Which one is worse and actually causes the most inconvenience?

5.Pools are annoying

Oh yes at this point if you kept on complaining about it, then the poor person from the third world would be well within their rights to wrap you up in the pool cover and throw you down a hill. They would actually get more enjoyment out of that than then going ahead and using your pool.


6.A poor coffee

This is the point where people from the third world would seriously be concerned about our sanity. They would wonder what on earth we were doing to coffee by adding all of these different things to it and getting upset when they do not have a certain flavor.

7.Bad toaster decision

See this is the difference because here we complain about the toaster whereas in the third world they complain about not having the bread to even put in the toaster at times. They would be completely stunned at us worrying about this kind of problem and having the cheek to complain about it.


8.Bad cooking

Oh yes at this moment your entire world is indeed falling apart because how are you going to rescue this particularly perilous situation? Too much water in your quinoa? Whatever are you going to do?

9.A tough decision

You can almost hear the cries of anguish coming from around the first world at this particular predicament because what is the poor guy going to do now? Do people in the third world not realize they are lucky in not having to worry about this kind of thing due to not having the wine and at times not even having the beef?


10.Dangerous avocado

This is yet another culinary disaster and one that would lead to us getting absolute no sympathy for from people in the third world. Imagine their disgust at finding out that we are complaining about something such as this. They would end up disowning us.

11.Wallet issues

Well you know for absolute certainty that this is just a first world problem because how many people in the third world are even going to own a wallet in the first place? Imagine their absolute delight at the wallet being too small due to having too much money in it.


12.Can't get the staff

Yes see this has to be seen as a major problem because how are we meant to function when we just cannot get the right staff to deal with every issue that we have ever had? Others would just not be able to understand how stressful this can be.

13.Poor finger again

The shame of it all in managing to cut your finger in this way, when will we ever learn? Imagine going up to a person from a third world country and telling them how you cut your finger and the look of complete bewilderment that you get in return.

14.Too much food

Ah the celebrity chef Christmas pudding and too much food to actually put it anywhere problem. How many people in the third world have ever had this to deal with? Surely this is a nice problem to have, at least in some parts of the world?

15.Poor fruit

Yes other people in a third world country are often just grateful to have some nice food to eat, but here in the first world we have to complain about things such as peeling it in the first place. Do they not realize how we cannot be inconvenienced this this in any way?

16.Poor tea

People in the third world do not understand the choices that we have available to us in the first world and how confusing it can be. We are always trying new things in order to get that better taste, but clearly soy milk in tea is a no go area.

17.Stay close to the loo

Well this person has been rather silly in taking too much truffle oil and now she has probably just made life rather interesting for herself. Clearly people in the third world would not have a clue as to what truffle oil is and in this instance they really are lucky.

18.Car jealousy

This actually is a genuine problem in some areas because if you do not have the correct type of car then you really will be seen as an outcast. It must be easier when nobody has a vehicle at all because then what do they compare in order to come across as being rich?

19.Such a horrible moment

Yes those darn massages being far too good and far too relaxing. People do not realize how tough it is living in the first world when we have to be aware of things such as this happening.

20.Those injuries are terrible

This is just a complete disaster because how are you meant to function if your iPad finger has a paper cut on it. Everybody in the first world knows that a paper cut is the same as having a limb amputated, so we should all feel bad for anybody that this happens to.

21.The iPad is too strong

You see people that are poor never have this to worry about, so their eyesight should be pretty good as they do not have all of this technology shining in their faces constantly. You just know that they are going to look at the iPad and be jealous, but they do not understand how tough it is owning one.

22.Evil swan

Well you never hear of this happening in the third world do you I mean do they even have swans there? Surely the swan is just a first world bird and what are we meant to do with our salsa now?

23.Poor duck

You see this is the problem in the first world because everything costs money. The third world people are lucky because if they want a duck for hunting well they get it for free. Yes it takes them time to find it, but they are still lucky.

24.Poor soul

This has to be seen as one of the biggest culinary disasters that could ever strike anybody anywhere in the world. Do the poor not understand how awkward this can all be?


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