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Unbelievable Organ Donor Stories

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 1:37 pm

1.A medical miracle

A woman called Shirley Thompson went into a medically induced coma due to breathing problems and woke up with two new lungs without even knowing about it. The miracle part is that the perfect match ended up being in the same hallway as her at the hospital and appeared at just the correct moment to save her life.

2.It shows the difference

A sister donated her kidney to her other sister who was suffering major health issues due to diabetes. However, that in itself is not amazing, but what is unreal is that she then wanted to show to her sister that she was going to regain some life and to do this she walked a 5km walk less than two weeks after major surgery. It shows how some people are more determined than others in certain situations.


Imagine carrying something as vital as a new heart for somebody and managing to drop it en-route. What makes it worse is that it happened outside at an airport, but due to some quick thinking it was actually safe to use and the woman that received it is doing well.

4.Wasted kidney

A nurse in Toledo ended up throwing away a kidney that a family member was donating to another family member. To try and make things better the hospital quickly found another one and paid for it all since they clearly knew there was a massive lawsuit coming on, but how could anybody make that mistake?

5.Via Facebook?

A couple of years ago in the UK there was a link up between the NHS and Facebook whereby people could put on their profile if they were an organ donor or not. Some saw it as slightly controversial, but it certainly helped to increase awareness and add more people onto the list of donors.

6.Donor at 5 weeks old

A baby in the UK became an organ donor aged just 5 weeks and the remarkable thing is that her kidneys were transplanted into somebody who was 22 years old. This was fine because they are perfectly formed at around 37 weeks and the 22 year old is doing fine.

7.That's gratitude for you

Debbie Stevens is a remarkable woman. She decided to donate one of her kidneys to a guy in an area to then allow her boss to move up the waiting list. However, straight after the operation, her boss demanded her to come back to work and fired her, so that boss clearly has no idea how to thank people.


8.A failed transplant

A daughter who was dying wanted to help her mother by donating her kidneys to her since she needed them. However, this was not followed up even though she had expressed her wish that it was to happen. Instead, her mother was left to suffer while strangers got her daughter's kidneys instead.

9.Leads to marriage?

How about donating your kidney to a stranger and then ending up marrying them a few years later? It sounds like some kind of fairy story, but it is actually something that happened to Chelsea Clair. She donated it and then the guy became her husband, so at least she stayed close to her kidney.


10.Choosing is hard

Antony Levin had a seriously difficult choice to make. He had both of his kids needing a kidney transplant, but of course he could only help one of them. He did the best thing possible in deciding that the kid that needed the kidney first got it. His daughter received it and now his son is on a waiting list.

11.Perseverance counts

If you have been married for 57 years there is going to be a special bond. Larry Swilling spent a year of his life walking around with a sandwich board stating his wife needed a kidney before he finally had some success and one was found. He just could not cope with the idea of losing her, so put himself through all of that for a year.


12.Uncanny coincidence

How about a guy who was given the heart of somebody that had committed suicide, started to like the same things as that guy, ended up with the guys wife, and then killed himself in the exact same way a few years later? That actually did happen to Sonny Graham and it has to be one of the scariest stories of its kind out there.


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