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Worst Celebrity Faces Tattoos

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 11:37 am

1.I will always hate you

Yes folks this is supposed to be Celine Dion, but it looks like it is actually her less fortunate sister instead of her. The big question here is why she is white, but her left hand appears to be a completely different color. How does that work?

2.Betty White

Well we all thought of Betty White as being this sweet old lady, but clearly we were wrong. Instead, she seems to be rocking out if this tattoo is anything to go by.

3.Roseanne Barr

Not many people would wake up and shout 'I need a Roseanne Barr tattoo on my chest!'. Her husband Tom Arnold clearly did and despite all his money this rendition has be called the worse celebrity tattoo of all time. It doesn't even look like Roseanne. Perhaps he did that on purpose. Just saying!

4.Frank Zapped It!

Here is a grotesque tattoo of Frank Zappa, clearly zapping something out of his hooter. Can we not interview the person and simply ask them why?

5.Scary Stuff

This facial tattoo of Avril Lavigne kind of reminds you of that hospital scene where the person who has just lost their leg. Lying in a hospital bed with friends and family around them, they cotton on to the sad expressions on their faces and ask 'What happened to my leg?' then grabbing the sheets and looking down omitting a terrified scream. There is Avril's face zombie-like and staring back at him or her.

6.Bieber Annoyance

This tattoo of Justin Bieber should be given credit. If you want to constantly annoy people and drive them crazy. then just tattoo Bieber onto your leg, just above the knee, so that his face keeps peeping out from under your shorts. Also, in this position finally Justin Bieber has facial hair!

7.Stephen Hawkins

Stephen Hawkins is probably one of the most tattoo worthy icons of all time. As a physicist and scientist he puts most of us to shame with his abilities despite his seeming disabilities, but to cartoonize him? Some people have brains we will never understand, like Stephen Hawkins brilliant brain and the idiot that owns this tattoo.


8.Pimply Judge Judy

Let's face it, Judge Judy is a bit of a battle axe from hell. You cross her and you will wonder what will be coming next. Someone has the hots for her clearly with the Judge Me! added. Now that is odd? Here she looks perhaps 20 years younger will a few pimples on her chin and ten inches softer, or is that the flabby appendage it is attached to?


Tori Spelling is not exactly the prettiest button in the box, but here she is immortalized as an arm tattoo. The rendition of her is pretty good except she looks a bit hairy, which does not help matters. Allegedly this tattoo belongs to her husband, who by all accounts would be the only the person desiring one of her.


10.Oprah Winfrey

This tattoo of Oprah Winfrey has to be given some credit, it really looks as if she is talking and talking big. The hands are apart as if to say 'I earn this much'. Perhaps the person who tattooed this onto themselves forever will get some of Oprah Winfrey's good luck at least for their troubles?

11.Funny Man Will Ferrell

At first glance having a tattoo this huge of funny man Will Ferrell seems like a nutty thing to do, but think about it. Will's wry grin always brings a smile to your face, right? The person that owns this tattoo is sure dedicated to this comedian. With its bright red, blue and different colors it would be a hard tattoo to remove with red being the hardest color of all.


12.The Boss?

We all remember, if we have lived long enough the nostalgic show 'Who's The Boss' with Tony Danza as the lovable housekeeper. Those were the days! The show first aired in 1984 and whoever decided to tattoo this on themselves clearly saw the 'boss' with boxing gloves on. The huge head and small body hardly even looks like poor old Tony. At times like these we realize that, It certainly takes different folk to make the world go around!


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