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Tips To Become A Perfect Parent

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 7:45 pm

1.Eat Dinner Together

Eating dinner together is a great way to come together as a family and spend some quality time. With hectic schedules, electronic devices, television, homework, and sports, it is sometimes hard to catch up with out kids, but it is also essential that we do. It's easier to keep the lines of communication open if you find the time to get together.

2.Teach Them To Appreciate

Teach your children to appreciate what is given to them. Always use "thank you" when they do something for you, so they learn to say it back. Tell them stories of those less fortunate than them and how they should do for others as well as receive. The more they understand the more grateful they will become.

3.Help Them Identify Their Feelings

Sometimes kids get frustrated and become overwhelmed with their emotions. They may act out, using anger as an outlet. Talk to them and have them verbalize what they are feeling so you can identify the emotion and help them better understand it. If it's sadness or hurt feelings, help them to differentiate between those emotions and anger.

4.Teach Social Skill Through Conversation

Children learn social skills through their environment. Social skills are not just talking, it's reading body language, taking social cues and maintaining eye contact, that makes for great conversation. Since they spend the most time with you, start them early. Children that can converse well do better in all aspects of life.

5.Give Specific Praise

It's not just giving praise that builds self esteem, it's specific praise that makes them feel they are doing a good job. If you just tell them how cute they are or how great they are, that makes them feel good, but if you tell them how great they made their bed, they understand more what they are doing right.

6.Lead By Example

Don't just preach the rules, lead by example. If you want your child to be polite, practice being polite yourself. If you want your child to say "thank you," say it yourself. And remember, they are little people. Treat them with the same respect that you would like them to treat adults.

7.Read Books Together

Babies love the sound of their parent's voice. Read to your newborn and make it a ritual that never stops. It's a great time to bond and teaches your child not only to read but how how to talk. They may only memorize the book at first, but soon the words will make sense to them. Children who are read to pick up reading much faster than their peers who were not read to.


8.Find Time To Play

Play is the best way to really get to know your child. It is during that time when they feel the most comfortable to be themselves, and give you a sneak peak into their minds. Watch how they explore their surroundings, what they like to play with and how they play to get a better understanding of who they are.

9.Don't Rush To Their Aid

Don't rush to their aid for every little problem. If they are fighting with their siblings, give them time to work it out amongst themselves, with proper supervision. The quickest way to pit one child against another, sometimes for life, is to stick up for one of them over the other.


10.Give Your Child Wings

Children are working toward independence, but parents can sometimes see that as pulling away. Remember that your job is to help them to grow and be self sufficient, not to depend on you. Give them wings to fly by giving them responsibilities and letting them make some of their own choices.

11.Choose Your Battles

Choose your battles wisely. Children can only grasp so many rules. Focus on the things that really matter, such as talking back, being rude, hitting and yelling. Children are exploring their worlds and are bound to make mistakes. If you reprimand them for every little thing, it could harm their self esteem.


12.Take Charge

Remember that you're in charge. All too often parents try to be friends with their children, but kids need structure and discipline. Set boundaries and explain that they are in place to keep them safe. Communication is always key, and the more you talk the more understanding will take place.


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