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Tips To Overcome Depression

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:00 pm

1.Focus on your thinking

This may be tiring, but spend a lot of time thinking about your thinking. How do you automatically react to certain situations? Do you always look for the negatives and completely ignore the positives? You can actually take steps to change your brain and the way you deal with things, but this takes time and effort on your part.

2.Omega 3

Making sure that you are taking enough Omega 3 can actually make a difference to your chances of overcoming depression. Look at trying to take 1,000 mg daily for maximum impact.

3.Note what makes you depressed

By noting down what is making you depressed it should make it easier to then overcome it. This is because you will then know what your triggers are and can then look at resolving certain real life situations or issues that are actually causing the problem.

4.Get a role model

Find somebody, they do not have to be famous, who has also suffered badly with depression and see how they are doing now. If they have recovered, then use them as inspiration and see how this can indeed be overcome no matter how bad you are feeling at this moment in time.


Medication is the most common way in which people overcome depression, but of course it can be scary taking these pills and you are not alone if you would rather avoid doing it. However, depression medication is now a lot better than it used to be, so at least see it as a viable option.

6.Professional help

Getting professional help can take different forms, but you need to make sure that you talk to somebody who is an expert in mental health. Your normal doctor should be able to refer you to somebody without any problems.


Find some hobbies and make sure that you go ahead and do them. If you love writing poetry for example get out there and join a local group and enjoy doing it.


8.Keep a journal

It is a great idea to keep a journal, but do not just write down what you did that day as it is important that you also write down details about your mood. The idea here is to work out the triggers that are making you feel better or worse as this will help with your recovery.

9.Have friends

If you isolate yourself it will only lead to your depression getting worse. Instead, you need to get out there and spend time with some friends. This is going to distract your mind and it may even give you somebody to talk to about what is getting you down in the first place.



Exercise encourages your body to release certain chemicals that are classed as having the feel good factor. You do not have to suddenly become a gym freak, but some gentle exercise that just raises your heart rate slightly for around 30 minutes a few times a week will make a difference.

11.Eat right

If you eat healthily, then your body is going to be getting all of those vitamins and minerals that it needs in order to work properly. This is very important because it has been proven that having the right things going into your body does indeed make a big difference to how you feel mentally.


12.Sleep right

Research has shown that sleeping well can indeed help with depression. If you are not sleeping enough, then your body and mind can end up feeling very tired and if you are tired it makes you less likely to be able to do things that could help you to overcome those feelings. Get into a regular sleeping pattern in order to provide yourself with a better quality of life during the day.


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