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15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:18 am

We hear about lots of weird and bizarre things happening almost every day. Only a few individuals can witness such things live. We all have neighbors. Even a ruthless criminal will have neighbors. Do you have crazy people living in your neighborhood? Well, these fifteen people had! Read fifteen crazy neighbor stories as told by people, in their words. 
1.Life in a Rough Neighborhood

Bought my first house in a rather rough neighborhood. One day, my 6'5", 300lb neighbor knocked on my front door. When I answered, he had a UPS package and a handgun. Told me some kids were trying to steal my package, but he ran them off. He said, "You ain't gotta worry bout dem lil shits anymore. Best believe Imma LOCK AND LOAD if they come back."

Life in a Rough Neighborhood-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

2.This Crazy Neighbor

Came up the stairs to see my neighbor guy butt naked, slamming the door repeatedly screaming "I'M A GOD! I'M IN HEAVEN!!". Police arrived forthwith.

This Crazy Neighbor-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

3.This Crazy Guy with NSA Phobia

My old neighbor made me question my own sanity by drilling holes in his walls many hours each day for almost two years. When we confronted him, he denied drilling and asked what is wrong with us, even suggested therapy and psychological help. He was a nice and well-spoken guy too.
So after two years he moved out and our landlord told us that he had done some substantial damage to his apartment by drilling all walls, floors and ceilings full of small holes. He was sued, acquitted due to mental health problems and institutionalized for severe schizophrenia.
Our landlord told us after court that the guy had drilled to find government spying devices...

This Crazy Guy with NSA Phobia-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

4.Crazy and Irresponsible Upstairs Girl

In the first apartment my fiancé and I lived in, our upstairs neighbor overflowed her bath tub.... TWICE.
The first time, she claimed she fell asleep while the tub was running. I raced upstairs and started banging on her door, and that's apparently what woke her up. She never answered the door, she just simply cut the water off. We had to call emergency maintenance to come out, and they ended up calling one of the "disaster" clean up services. They ripped up our carpet in the dining room, hallway, and into the bedroom, and left us with seven loud, giant fans.
The second time she did it (two weeks later) our ceiling in the bathroom basically collapsed. Thank God we were moving, so we didn't have to deal with it for very long.

Crazy and Irresponsible Upstairs Girl-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

5.Old Men Who Left Something Bizarre for Family

My old neighbor was this sweet old man who served in the Pacific during world War II. He had some serious PTSD and sometimes would have flashbacks while I was at his house, grabbing me and pulling us behind the coffee table and casting about for a weapon. He was one of the kindest, most compassionate people I knew, and when he died from cancer I was really upset. Some time went by, and his relatives showed up to claim the things he left to them in his will. About 45 minutes later the bomb disposal squad shows up and evacuates everyone on the block. It turns out he had an old collection of about 20 WWII hand grenades in his closet, still primed and volatile. They were extremely unstable, and the police weren't sure they could move them and almost resorted to detonating them on site. They managed to disarm them safely, but to this day, I think about my perfect, kind, elderly neighbor and how he could have blown up the neighborhood in a moment of PTSD-fueled confusion.

Old Men Who Left Something Bizarre for Family-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

6.And the Little Girl Who Will Not Stop Screaming

These brand new parents moved into the apartment underneath mine in the summer of 2010. Their little girl woke up every night between 2 and 4 and would just start screaming bloody murder. After a couple of weeks, they stopped getting up to check on her, and sometimes she would scream for hours, to the point that I legitimately became concerned that I should contact social services. They moved out before that happened.

And the Little Girl Who Will Not Stop Screaming-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

7.This Drug Addict Neighbor

My father, two sisters, brother and I are getting home late one night. It was about 1 am. As we started getting closer to the house, my dad started swearing and yelling in the car. We had no idea what was going on half asleep, pulled into the driveway, and he told us to stay in the car.
Next thing we know naked people everywhere, running. Turns out the neighbor’s son decided to do a whole bunch of drugs and hold an orgy on our front lawn. My father gave him a well-deserved beating, dragged him across the street woke his dad up and then he proceeded to hit him a few times.

This Drug Addict Neighbor-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories


8.Another Tale Of A Drug Addict

The neighbor behind me is a crack addict. He gets high on his back porch and laughs until he can't breathe at the leaves that fall from the tree.

One time he beat his wife while high. We called the cops, and when he left, he knew it was us and was threatening us. When he got out of prison, he was so happy to see us, I feel like he didn't remember knowing we called the cops on him.

Another Tale Of A Drug Addict-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories
Did you know you can get high without drugs?

9.Not What You Hope to See When Moving into a New House

I was moving into my new house, a one bedroom duplex. As my friends and I were leaving to pick up another load of my stuff, the lady next door approaches my friend, Beaner. Eyes wild and hair disheveled she asks, "Have you seen my son? I thought I saw him get in your car." Mildly concerned, I say, "There hasn't been anyone here other than us..." As she fidgets with her cigarette lighter, "Are you sure? I saw him leave with that guy." She points at my friend Beaner. I shake my head, "Nope. He's been with me the whole afternoon." She cocks her head to the left and says, "I'm calling the police, you can answer to them" and stomps away. We returned 45 minutes later with another load, two police cars were parked along the curb outside of my new house. "Shit!" I say, hopping out of the truck. As I put the key in it's hole and unlock my door, there is a ruckus behind me. "You stupid pigs, they took my son, you need to arrest them.
You see, the son she was speaking of, did not exist. The day I moved in, was her 7th day without meds.

Not What You Hope to See When Moving into a New House-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories


10.Fight Over Trashcan

Our city trash cans broke, so I ordered a new one. My neighbor stole it, so I confronted her and told her it was mine. She said no, its hers! So the next day, she sprays paints my new trash can with her address on it. So again, I told her just to call the city and get her own, she declined. The next day was trash day, I go outside, and my trash is on fire.. she lit my trash on fire.. all over a new trash can. So I get a new one, and my mom told her if anything happens to this trash can, I will kick your ass. She never messed with it again. My mom is pretty scary when she’s angry.

Fight Over Trashcan-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

11.This Crazy Lady

One of my neighbors is a girl in her 30's (maybe a year or two older than I am). She has a steady stream of asshole boyfriends, and the antics are always a topic of conversation for all of our neighbors. It usually follows this basic pattern: a) new, shady looking guy starts hanging around, b) ridiculously loud sex noises everyday for a month or so, c) shady guy moves in, d) lots of screaming and arguing, e) cops show up three or four times in a 2-week period, f) shady guy moves out, g) a week or two of peace, h) Another shady guy starts hanging around again... repeat steps (c) through (f) once more before moving on to the next creep.

This Crazy Lady-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

12.This Rookie Evil Neighbor

Our neighbor placed banana peels under my dad's car wheels to somehow make the car slip...

This Rookie Evil Neighbor-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

13.Neighbor Who Thinks He is a Sword Ninja

Neighbor across the street went crazy(or he finally snapped, he was always a bit weird) and ran down to the nearest gas station with a samurai sword and tried to cut up the cashier with it. He later came back to his house and hulled up in his house. I only saw swat team and the sheriff come as I was walking to school, but my family told me that they gassed his house and had a sniper in my brother's room just in case he became deadly. Took them four hours to get him detained.
This guy served in Vietnam and was a five-time black belt or something with, obviously, a few screws loose. And swords, lots of swords.

Neighbor Who Thinks He is a Sword Ninja-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

14.This True Horror

Well, I can recall the time when the wife of the couple living next door ran out of the alley next to their house yelling, "He's got a gun! He's got a gun!" To which my mom responded by locking the doors and calling the police. We learned later that she'd been shot in the face, but survived, and that he was arrested post-haste.

This True Horror-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

15.Weird and Creepy Neighbors

My neighbors are very curious, and they always look into our kitchen from their backyard. Well, one time when we came back from our four weeks vacation they CUT OFF the top of a tree in our garden so they could look into our kitchen from their bedroom. o_o

Weird and Creepy Neighbors-15 People Tell Their Craziest Neighbor Stories

We hope you enjoyed reading these crazy neighbor stories as we did, And we are sure some of you must had some crazy neighbor encounters as well, Share them on our page. :)


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