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12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021, 7:29 am

No living being on Earth except humans wear clothes. We, humans, started wearing clothes only a few thousand years ago to protect ourselves from dust, heat, cold and insect bites. The early humans didn't wear any clothes. There are many people out there in the world who still believe in being naked and all natural. They call themselves naturists! Almost every town and city in the western world has a naturist club or two. These naturists, at times, catch our attention by appearing nude in public areas. Here are fifteen such bizarre naked events and places where naturists see you like an alien if you are in your clothes!
10.Excellent Thinking

The newest alternative type wedding is the naked wedding. These are becoming so popular that so many people are doing it. It sure takes the hefty price tag off the cost of a wedding dress and leaves more money for booze.

Excellent Thinking-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

11.Nude Protesting

Protesting is always easier in the nude. No matter how chilly the weather is. It gives you space to write your message and gets you noticed.

Nude Protesting-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

12.Reserve a Sausage

In a bid to get sales up, more and more restaurants are hosting nude dining evenings. Some restaurants are just completely nude. Now, what happens when you have overindulged a little? Where do you hide the post-dinner bloat? We wonder if they have sausage on the menu.

Reserve a Sausage-12 Bizarre Naked Events Ever

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