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15 People Who Failed At Evolution Badly

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 1:33 pm

Human beings are the most gifted living beings on the planet. We can talk, think and do many things the other species can't. Of all the human mental traits, common sense is very, very, special. Most of us can easily tell what's right and what's not. We stay alert, and can identify dangers even before something bad happens. However, some people are pretty bad at this common sense and basic intelligence thing. Call them dumb or stupid; such people are too many in numbers around us. Check these fifteen people who strongly deserve a Darwin Award!
4.The Matador Who Put a Baby's Life at Risk

Bullfighting is a dangerous game. Every year hundreds of bullfighters die in Spain, Portugal and Latin American countries like Mexico and Colombia. Unless a person is an imbecile, no one would bullfight with a baby in hand. 

The Matador Who Put a Baby's Life at Risk -15 People Who Failed At Evolution Badly

5.This Gruesome Shark Attack

Guess whose mistake was that? Let's not blame the shark! Remember, most animals attack only when they feel threatened. As a human being, it is our duty to respect other living beings on the planet and stop messing up with them. 

This Gruesome Shark Attack-15 People Who Failed At Evolution Badly

6.Look Who Got Trolled

That was just an ordinary power plug socket. Someone wrote 'key cleaner' on it just to troll a friend or some other person. Guess what? It totally worked! 

Look Who Got Trolled -15 People Who Failed At Evolution Badly

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