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15 People Reveal Their One Secret That Can Ruin Their Life If It Came Out

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 4:10 pm

For the world, you may definitely be a good person. Do you personally think you are? We all are imperfect in one or the other way. We have evil thoughts lurking in our minds. None of us admit because that's how the humans actually are. However, we still have good people living on this planet. Only after reading these confessions you would realize that the so-called good people hardly exist. Read these fifteen life secrets shared by people that can ruin their lives completely if they disclose it to people around them.
7.This Horrible Family Secret

When I was 15 my parents were going through a divorce, my mom worked night shifts, and my dad was living with a friend of his. One night my sister who was 19 at the time came home pretty drunk from a party. She was acting goofy and fell on the couch next to me. She started grabbing my leg and laughing, and we started fondling. We ended up having sex right there. When we woke up the next day, she had no recollection of the night before so I just kept my mouth shut.
Fast forward to when I'm 18. Sister is home from college and dad is over for a visit. They get into an argument and in a fit of rage, my dad announces how he has never forgiven her for the abortion she got when she was 19 and subsequently killing His grandchild. (He's very religious)
I then realize the baby she aborted was, in fact, mine.....and as far as I know, I am the only one who knows since she has never mentioned that night.
- crackedway420

This Horrible Family Secret-15 People Reveal Their One Secret That Can Ruin Their Life If It Came Out

8.This Tragic Incident

I accidentally killed seven people.
I put a rag into a new water heater exhaust to keep debris out and installed it in a rental.
I get a call a week later; there's been an accident. I show up, and there's a ton of ems and police. They ask me where the gas shutoff is, and I go down to shut the gas off and see the end of the rag I forgot sticking out of the top of the heater.
Ripped the ragout, shut the gas off and head upstairs only to be told all the tenants were DEAD.
I drink all day now and sleep. It's killing me from the inside every single day, but if I say anything my family is ruined; we have a bunch of rental properties and we'd be shut down.
- Amgpu

This Tragic Incident-15 People Reveal Their One Secret That Can Ruin Their Life If It Came Out

9.This Dude Who Left Everyone, Forever

I cut off all contact with everyone I know and moved to Kenya, I tell people a fake name and a fake background and have made it appear to my family that I died on boat trip in the Pacific. No I am not joking. I am dead in the United States.
- Tomgoldaccount

This Dude Who Left Everyone, Forever-15 People Reveal Their One Secret That Can Ruin Their Life If It Came Out

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