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15 Amazing Celebrity Houses That Are Worth Millions

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 9:26 am

Every human being on the planet loves to own a house. Most of us dream to build or buy a large mansion. If you are super-rich and make millions every year, what would you do? You will build that big dream house of yours, right? Since our celebrities are quite wealthy, they did exactly what we would have done if we were rich. The Hollywood celebrities own some of the most beautiful houses in the world. These celebrity houses are huge, with a lot of greenery around. Each house has dozens of bedrooms and bathrooms. Their garages can fit numerous cars! Their houses are so pricey that no ordinary person can afford them! Here are fifteen such amazing celebrity homes you may want to have a look at.

#2 Lil Wayne

The beachfront mansion has eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms and 120 feet of waterfront. His bedroom is the top attraction of his $18 million home in Miami, Florida. The major attraction of his house is indeed his enormous 3000 sq ft bedroom! You may ask us why anyone wants a 3000 sq ft bedroom, but folks, we are talking about Lil Wayne here! He reportedly has $30 million worth of artworks in his home. Lil Wayne's mansion is one of the most expensive celebrity mansions in the United States. Police raided the house many times in the past on the charges of illegal artwork, firearms, and drugs possession.

Lil Wayne-15 Amazing Celebrity Houses That Are Worth Millions

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