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12 Celebrity Cousins You Probably Didn't Know About

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 6:34 am

The celebrity community is vast and diverse. We often see many members belonging to the same family tree becoming top singers, musicians or actors. What many of us don't know is that many Hollywood stars are related to other top Tinseltown icons. Some of these stars are our favorite musicians, artists, and actors. We love them and admire their work. However, when we realize the fact that two top Hollywood stars are cousins, our view on them changes entirely! Check the famous relatives of Lady Gaga, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cages and eight other top celebrities!
1.Lady Gaga And Madonna

If you thought you saw similarities between million dollar net worth singer Lady Gaga and one of the richest singer Madonna, besides Gaga borrowing from the Queen of Pop's style and music, it's because they are ninth cousins, once removed. You heard that right. So maybe, Gaga and Madonna just have the same taste in clothes and music, after all. Did you know Madonna had her breasts insured?

Lady Gaga And Madonna-12 Celebrity Cousins You Probably Didn't Know About

2.Ben Affleck & Matt Damon

Not only are Ben Affleck and Matt Damon distant cousins, but they are related to Barack Obama and Princess Diana. Both actors descent from a bricklayer named William Knowlton Jr., who came from England in the 1630's, settling in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Affleck and Damon grew up as friends in Boston and then wrote the script for, "Good Will Hunting" together in 1997, and the rest is history. Did you know Ben Affleck doesn't drink at all?

Ben Affleck & Matt Damon-12 Celebrity Cousins You Probably Didn't Know About

3.Gwyneth Paltrow And Katherine Moennig

The multimillionaire Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is first cousins with famous TV actress Katherine Moennig. Gwyneth Paltrow's mother, Blythe Danner, is the maternal half-sister of Moennig's father, William Moennig. Katherine Moennig is known for playing roles in TV shows like "The L Word" and "Ray Donovan." Her androgynous appearance has made her famous in the celebrity lesbian community. Famous bisexual celebrities like Evan Rachel Wood dated Moennig in the past. Her cousin and "Pepper Potts" actress Gwyneth Paltrow needs no special introduction as well! Did you know Gwyneth Paltow has brittle bone problem?  

Gwyneth Paltrow And Katherine Moennig-12 Celebrity Cousins You Probably Didn't Know About

4.Kyra Sedgwick & Edie Sedgwick

In the 1960's, Edie Sedgwick was the "It" girl, and her first cousin, once removed, Kyra Sedgwick, carried the family name, becoming a famous actress, herself. Edie was famous for starring in several Andy Warhol films, while Kyra has starred in such shows as, "The Closer," and such films as, "The Game Plan" and "Man On A Ledge."

5.Snoop Dogg And Brandy

Millions net worth rapper Snoop Dogg and singer Brandy are both cousins. They share a love for music. The unofficial reports is that their mothers are sisters. Snoop, who is now known as Snoop Lion, was born Calvin Broadus but his mother used to call him Snoopy, saying that he looked like the characters from the Peanuts cartoon. Did you know one thing common about the two cousins? Snoop Dogg once committed a murder and similarly Brandy is also a murder convict.   

Snoop Dogg And Brandy-12 Celebrity Cousins You Probably Didn't Know About

6.Justin Theroux & Louis Theroux

Justin and Louis Theroux are first cousins. Their father are brothers. Justin Theroux has a successful acting career, starring with the film such films as the blockbuster, "Wanderlust," where he met his bride to be, actress Jennifer Aniston. Louis is a reporter for the BBC and has produces many top documentaries.

7.Tom Cruise And William Mapother

The multimillionaire actor Tom Cruise and William Mapother have fathers who are brothers, making these two actors first cousins. Tom Cruise changed his name from Mapother when he began acting. You may recognize William Mapother from his role in the hit television drama, "Lost," and of course, we all know Cruise for the super star he is.

Tom Cruise And William Mapother-12 Celebrity Cousins You Probably Didn't Know About


8.Nicolas Cage And Sofia Coppola

The Oscar winning actor Nicholas Cage and Oscar-winning filmmaker, director, and actress Sofia Coppola are first cousins. They share the same paternal grandparents. Most people are not aware of their family link because Nicholas Cage changed his last name from Coppola to Cage, after his favorite comic book character, Luke Cage. The two cousins belong to a devout filmmaking family. Both Sofia Coppola's father and grandfather have won Academy Awards previously, making their family one of the only two families to achieve the rare feat. Nicholas Cage is undoubtedly the popular cousin, but he has fallen way below the net worth of his filmmaker cousin with all the poor financial choices he has made lately.

Nicolas Cage And Sofia Coppola-12 Celebrity Cousins You Probably Didn't Know About

9.Glenn Close And Brooke Shields

Not many people know that Glenn Close and Brooke Shields are cousins. Shield's great grandmother was the sister of Close's grandfather, making them second cousins, once removed. Both cousins have successful acting careers; Brooke started out in the movie "Pretty Baby," and Glenn scaring men across America playing the bunny-boiler "Alex Forrest" role in the hit movie, "Fatal Attraction." The two 80s Hollywood beauties prove that good looks are a dominant trait in their family's DNA! The six-time Oscar-nominated actress, Glenn Close, is unarguably the better cousin in regards to fame and money!

Glenn Close And Brooke Shields-12 Celebrity Cousins You Probably Didn't Know About


10.Melissa McCarthy & Jenny McCarthy

Some people don't believe that super slim, blonde bombshell Jenny McCarthy is cousins to the wickedly funny Melissa McCarthy, but they are indeed cousins. Jenny has come a long way since posing nude in Playboy in 1993, now co-hosting the view, and McCarthy has had a successful movie and television career, starring in the hit film, "Bridesmaids," as well as on the hit sitcom, "Mike and Molly."

11.Whitney Houston & Dionne Warwick

Whitney Houston and Dion Warwick are first cousins. Their mothers are sisters, Emily and Lee Drinkard. Both Whitney and Dion went on to have very successful singing careers, but unfortunately we lost Whitney in February of 2012. The seventy three year old Warwick has had her share of troubles, going bankrupt in in March of 2013.

12.George Clooney And Miquel Ferrer

One of the richest actor George Clooney is first cousins to Miguel Ferrer of "Twin Peaks" and "Crossing Jordan" fame. George's father and Miguel's mother are brother and sister. You may see a slight resemblance in the two handsome actors, Clooney who we all know from such hit films, as Ocean's 11, Syriana and many more. Did you know George Clooney used to sleep in a closet when he wasn't this popular?

George Clooney And Miquel Ferrer-12 Celebrity Cousins You Probably Didn't Know About


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