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12 Celebrity Nicknames You Probably Don't Know Of

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 7:57 am

The primary purpose of a name and a nickname is the same. We call or recognize people by their names. Well apparently, no one knows who invented the idea of using nicknames, but its history dates back to the 13th century. Hey, what's your nickname, by the way? Who gave it to you? We are sure someone in your family might have given that to you. Most of us get our monikers from our parents, family or friends. When it comes to celebrities, they either give themselves cool nicknames or receive them from the media or their fans. As you may know already, many Hollywood stars don't prefer using their real names. Check the cool nicknames of 12 celebrities and find out how they got them! 

#8 Snooki - Nicole P.

For years anyone who watched the Jersey Shore, referred to the short girl with the hair bump as Snooki. It got to a point where no one knew what her real name was, or even cared for that matter. These days, The Bisexual Snooki prefers to be called her birth name, which is Nicole Polizzi.

Snooki - Nicole P.-12 Celebrity Nicknames You Probably Don't Know Of



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