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12 Famous Violinists Around The World

Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019, 7:41 am

The musical instrument violin has a history of five centuries. In the olden days, the violin music was considered diabolical. In fact, a violin is often referred to as devil's instrument! Today, the violin is one of the top musical instruments widely used in music production. However, the violin players are not as idolized as the other music instrument players like guitarists or drummers. Throughout the modern history, the world has witnessed some finest violin players who have produced soul-melting music with nothing but the four strings and a bow! Find out who those 12 famous violin players in the world are.

#11 Gil Shaham

Gil is a bit of a character and he is certainly not how you would imagine a violinist to be as they are always imagined to be quite stern and formal. Instead, he is far more relaxed both in his character and how he dresses, but ultimately boy can he play that violin.

Gil Shaham-12 Famous Violinists Around The World



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