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15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 5:25 am

Did you know that some celebrities have siblings who look better than them? If not, keep reading! If you think the celebs are hot, their siblings will blow your mind with their stunning looks. Most of the celebrity siblings aren't popular. They don't live under their sibling's fame. They have careers of their own, and they absolutely love living their life. At times, we see those celebrity siblings accompanying their super popular brothers and sisters at awards and other important events. Following are the fifteen pictures that show top celebrities posing with their much hotter and better-looking sibling!
13.AnnaLynne McCord

Meet Rachel McCord, the little sister of the "90210" star AnnaLynne McCord. AnnaLynne looks incredibly hot, and her sister, Rachel, appears like she's no inferior to her famous sister when it comes to physical appearance! Although she has acted in a couple of movies, Rachel is not as famous as AnnaLynne. However, the hot celebrity sibling does everything she could do to stay in the news. She often poses for the camera in skimpy dresses and sexy swimwear. Apparently, both the sisters look good in the picture, but if we were to select one, we would go with AnnaLynne! 

AnnaLynne McCord-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

14.Elizabeth Olsen

You have to agree that out of these three Olsen sisters that Elizabeth is the most gorgeous one of them all. She just seems to have more about her in general and is not as scary as the twins and this alone makes her more attractive. She is also doing quite well for herself, not only does she look better, but you can guarantee that she is also more useful as a human being as well.

Elizabeth Olsen-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

15.Beyonce Knowles

This is tough, but there is some argument that Solange Knowles is an older and more sassy version of her very, very famous little sister. In all honesty there is not much between them, but you cannot fail to admit that they both look hot and it is certainly not the case that one was blessed with beauty while the other was hit with the ugly stick.

Beyonce Knowles-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

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