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12 Shortest Celebrity Marriages Ever

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 7:43 am

These celebs' decision to part ways came even before their stomachs evacuated the wedding cake they had eaten on their wedding day! Throughout the history, we have seen many celebrity marriages going in flames in a flash. The divorce rate in celebrity community is quite high. What's more terrible than that is the stars' inability to live happily as a couple even for a few days after tying the knot. Oh man, a celebrity divorce is a mess. A star could be losing millions in the name of spousal/child support. We have no idea what drives these crazy celebs into making poor relationship decisions. Read more about 12 of the short-lived celebrity marriages ever. 
1.Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph was married to Jean Acker for a total of three years, but that is only according to the paperwork as it was actually all over within six hours. They got married, went home, fell out, he walked out, and that was it, so people do argue that they were only together for those few hours.

2.Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor was married to Felipe deAlba for under one day, but this was more down to technicalities rather than anything else. Basically, they wed on a ship in international waters so it was not real and she was not actually divorced from her previous husband, so the divorce was granted the next morning.

3.Britney Spears

The world was kind of shocked when they discovered that Britney had wed a childhood friend called Jason Alexander, but it was all over within 55 hours when they were granted a quick divorce. It must have been a real spur of the moment thing for it to then last only that length of time, but at least she does now have one of the shortest celebrity marriages ever. Did you know Britney Spears has a fantasy sex room?


The Oscar winning musician Cher did something in the 70s that even women of the current generation don't dare to do!  The millionaire singer Cher married singer and musician Gregg Allman in 1975 and filed for a divorce just nine days later. Guess what? She married Gregg just three days after she divorced her first husband Sonny Bono! Everybody knew the marriage was going to be on the rocks. Cher was just going through a real bad period at that time. The iconic singer cited Gregg's cocaine addiction as a reason for the split, but what confuses us the most is, didn't the "Heart of Stone" singer knew about it when she was dating him?

5.Drew Barrymore

The marriage of Drew Barrymore to Jeremy Thomas lasted a mere 30 days of happy wedding bliss and you do have to question why they decided to get married in the first place when it just seemed to be so doomed to failure. Surely they had some happy times in those few weeks? It cannot have been all bad from the outset, could it? 30 days is just a ridiculously short period of time to be married for. Did you know Drew Barrymore had breast reduction surgery?

6.Kim Kardashian

She may now be with Kanye West, but Kim was once married to Kris Humphries for a grand total of 60 days. They made such a big thing about their wedding that the fact it was over so quickly was certainly a bit of a surprise to most people because surely there are signs it wont work before you get married and it only lasts that long? Did you know Kim Kardashian has a Doppelganger named Kamilla Osman?

7.Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage was once married to Lisa Marie Presley and this is something that a lot of people forget about mainly because it only lasted three months and 15 days. This marriage took place in August 2002 and was over by November of the same year, but you wonder why as they look like a happy couple here?


8.Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was married to Kid Rock for a grand total of three months and 23 days and you just know that it would not have been married bliss at any point. In actual fact when you look at them together you can kind of see how they would be drawn to one another, but the fights must have been the stuff that legends are made of.

9.Charlie Sheen

The marriage between Charlie Sheen and Donna Peele lasted four months and 24 days to be exact, but you get the feeling that if they had been married in the last couple of years those four months would have seemed like an eternity to her. This was all over by February 1996 and even Charlie has to admit that it was a short marriage.


10.Carmen Electra

The marriage of Carmen Electra to Dennis Rodman did appear to be a strange one when it was announced, so it was no surprise when they were then divorced just five months later. However, Rodman actually tried to get an annulment after only 9 days, so they did appear to do quite well to be together for so long.

11.Elizabeth Taylor

The marriage of Elizabeth Taylor to Nicky Hilton lasted a total of 8 months, but then she did have a habit of working her way rather quickly through her husbands. The Hilton here is the grandfather of Paris Hilton and Taylor was only 19 when she was married and was, therefore, divorced before she was 21.

12.Jennifer Lopez

The millions dollar net worth singer Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd were married for a total of 8 months, but that was not the first time that she had been involved in a short marriage. However, this fairytale romance clearly fizzled out in next to no time leading to her ending up back on the market after they were divorced in 2002.

Jennifer Lopez-12 Shortest Celebrity Marriages Ever


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