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15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 4:06 pm

Unfortunately, some people on this planet are so dense that their stupidity starts leaking from their mouth while they talk. We don't specifically hate brainless people, but they irk us a lot when they try to propagate idiocy. Hey, we were trying to sound formal, but the title of the topic actually meant, "dumb people getting burned!" We are pretty sure this topic's going to oddly-satisfy all you readers who enjoy seeing dumbheads getting owned. Read the hilarious comebacks that charred the pride of these 15 stupid people to ashes! 
1.And Some Ointment to Treat Burn

She didn't see that comment coming! She would have hoped to see an ocean of likes and comments on her post. That guy has come from nowhere, and delivered an ultimate comeback. We guess that would deeply hurt her. Now, this is what we call a 'burn'.

And Some Ointment to Treat Burn-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

2.This Hilarious And Best Comeback By A Girl

Unfortunately, too many boys find it fashionable to send d*ck pics of theirs to girls. If you are a girl, not only do you have to deal with an ocean of unsolicited c*ck photos, but also the stupid, pointless, and good for nothing sexual aggression of some men in the form of sexting. Apparently, a thickheaded chap is trying to be dirty with a girl inquiring her if she wants to sit on his face! The girl gave him a side-splitting retort that reads as, "Why? Is your nose bigger than your d*ck?" Bwahaha! If I were her, I would have told the guy, "No thanks, I already have a toilet in my home!" 

This Hilarious And Best Comeback By A Girl-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

3.This Silent Retort on Feminazi

Read this and we bet you will laugh your ass off! This feminazi got right reply thrown at her by a random unknown man. You can bash men, but make sure you don't have people like him around when you say silly/stupid things. Imagine the expression on this lady's face when she reads that retort.

This Silent Retort on Feminazi-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

4.Thanks for Being Ugly

People post or tweet in social media like as if they are deep thinking philosophers, as if they know everything, and as if they discovered something new. In fact, people with commonsense will find statuses like those to be super stupid. Check how this deep thinker got owned by one of his or her Facebook friends.

Thanks for Being Ugly-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

5.Yes, They Can Be Longer

"Can't wknds be longer?"
"Yes. Weekends."
Well, this is hilarious! The whole world understood what this comeback is all about except that girl. Oh boy, she was clueless!

Yes, They Can Be Longer-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

6.She Meant to Say Stop SOPA

Remember that SOPA bill, government wanted to introduce a few years back? The whole internet went berserk protesting to stop that from happening. Everybody tried their best to protest SOPA, so did this girl. She was funny. What was funnier is that guy's reply! Aren't we really tired of people who blindly follow internet/social media trends without knowing facts?

She Meant to Say Stop SOPA-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

7.Dumb Girls Be Like...

Isn't this the reason why we call them dumb? This girl has no clue on what she has done when posted/shared that photo to her friends. She said, "Lmfaoo so true about people on fb..." Her friends immediately got into action and gave her the reply she strongly deserved.

Dumb Girls Be Like...-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh


8.This Double Burn Comeback By A Teacher

Oh, poor Larry; the whole world now knows you are single, unemployed, and you suck at English. Larry doesn't know that teachers are among the most intelligent and coolest people in the world. He doesn't understand that social media isn't a right place to abuse people. He is clearly unaware of the consequences he may have to deal with by calling her teacher bitch on the internet. Evidently, he's too stupid to type a word without offending others. The teacher, on the other hand, publicly humiliated him by throwing two sharp comebacks at him. The dude sounds too dense to communicate properly, let alone defending a comeback!

This Double Burn Comeback By A Teacher-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

9.Best Comeback Ever?

Hey there! We got caught you looking at keyboard! Didn't we? This is probably the best comeback ever! This is exactly how you answer people like Nick who keep posting nonsense on their social media pages, not caring about the embarrassment he may bring to his friends, family or colleagues.

Best Comeback Ever?-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh


10.She Made You, and You are the Biggest Joke!

Now this guy or girl finally understood how funny their mom is. He/she got the 'burn' of their life and we bet it will take a long, long, time to heal. That's why you have to be careful when texting your parents, They send some of the most hilarious texts. Moms don't often make fun of their kids, but when they do, result will be something like this.

She Made You, and You are the Biggest Joke!-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

11.This Perfect Reply To The Rant Of Girlfriend's Ex-boyfriend

Have you ever felt so mad that you wanted to text your ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend to vent out your anger and frustration? No one would do that, not just you. This guy, however, made that stupid mistake without even thinking for a minute. Sadly, he fucked with a wrong person. The other guy just shut the guy's mouth and ass once and for all with a funny and timely comeback. Moral? Be polite to others? Na, bro! Be on good terms with your girlfriend or ex-girlfriend or else she will let the whole world know if your tool is too small to drill a hole! 

This Perfect Reply To The Rant Of Girlfriend's Ex-boyfriend-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh


12.You Will See What You Browse

Have you ever wondered how internet ads work? Websites like Facebook collect information on your browsing patterns using cookies. They deliver ads to you based on your browsing history! This guy had no clue on that, and he started ranting against gay marriage! You have that freedom to express your dislike towards something, but make sure you aren't writing something just because you have to write something.

You Will See What You Browse-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

13.Which is Very Important

How to stop people who don't stop posting about Justin Bieber? Reply them with something like this. This is a very common question you hear from Bieber fans – 'what do you have'? It looks like the guy there had enough of that girl. 

Which is Very Important-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

14.Remember, Getting a Job at McDonalds Isn't Easy

We hear many people saying 'McDonalds, here I come' or ' Aldi, here I come' when they don't do well in their exams. In reality, stupid people can't even get a job at places like McDonalds. Aldi reacted strongly to a girl who said 'going to end up working in Aldi'. You need some skills even if you have to get a job at McDonalds.

Remember, Getting a Job at McDonalds Isn't Easy-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

15.Brand Wars

This isn't fake. This is one of those popular brand feuds happened on social media. It was Old Spice that started this funny fight asking Taco Bell why Fire Sauce isn't made with real fire! Taco Bell responded really well! Though old spice tried to cover up the whole thing with another tweet, that doesn't stop them from coming out as losers!

Brand Wars-15 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You Laugh

All these people got the perfect burn for being stupid and in some cases for being jerks.  Stupid and dumb people are everywhere, even on social medias like Facebook and twitter, Here are 15 dumbest people on Twitter and dumbest people on Facebook.


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