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12 Hilarious Before And After Marriage Pictures

Thursday, Sep 10, 2020, 7:57 am

Many people say marriage is like a stinky public toilet. Those who wait outside are eager to get in, while the ones inside are desperate to get out! It's true that a person needs to have a lot of patience to keep a marital relationship going. They need to understand that they no longer can exercise their freedom in making or breaking life decisions. They can't be secretive with their lives either. Have a look at these 12 funny before and after marriage pictures that tell you why marriage isn't for everyone!
1.The different sexes

Well this shows you how marriage can change each sex even though this is a photograph that shows a couple of chickens. However, each sex can probably identify with both of them, which in itself is pretty sad when you stop and think about it.

2.This is how it works

Well the way that life works does seriously change when you are married and this is the perfect example. Here the guy is happy to tie her shoelaces, but then after getting married she has to get involved as well although not always as a stepladder.

3.Happy then sad

This image is great in that it really shows the difference marriage can make. The happy couple then becomes the happy person as the look on the guys face just shows that all is not well and he is seriously fed up with the entire situation.

4.Tied down

OK so not every guy feels like this after marriage, but a reasonable percentage do at some point in their married life. The days of being a player are over and instead you have to focus on the harsh realities of every day life, which apparently includes being chained in a dungeon.

5.Sex After Marriage

Stop looking at lion porn, and pay attention to what message the picture is conveying! It clearly shows the fate of men after marriage. There over two billion adult women  living on Earth. That indeed is a humongous number. If you are a guy, you may already know how difficult it is to find just one in two billion to satisfy your sexual urges! Marriage sure seems like a wildcard entry into the world of sex, but men know that getting married for sex is like buying a Boeing 747 business class ticket for free candies!

Sex After Marriage-12 Hilarious Before And After Marriage Pictures

6.Late nights are over

So why does this happen exactly? Before you are married you can hardly bare to be apart for just one second and will willingly exhaust yourselves in order to stay awake until a crazy time. However, get married and that goes out of the window as it is early to bed and a struggle to wake up in the morning.

7.No peace

See before marriage you can enjoy the sunset and the peace and quiet, but as soon as you are married your partner wants to know every single thing that goes through your mind at every single minute of the day. There is just no peace out there any longer.


8.Your messages change

Ahh do you remember those nice messages where you felt loved and wanted? Well hopefully you will have a good memory because the days of those being sent will be long gone as soon as you are married. Instead, you will be asked to remember to get various things for the home and the only thing that will be missed is bread.

9.Different uses

Well this certainly shows you how your uses can change as soon as you are married because here is good old Spiderman doing his bit to save society and then he is forced into being the washing line as soon as he is married. Just what is the most important thing here?


10.You thought you loved angry birds?

It is funny how things can go from being so sweet all of the time to the two of you being like a couple of rabid dogs just wanting to rip each others head off. What is it about marriage that makes people change like that?

11.A bit of a change

The funniest part is the way that guy in the after part is really trying to just keep his head above water or he will simply drown. The question here is how long it took her to get from A to B because you would hope that it would at least take some time.

12.Oh so true

This just shows how a conversation can really change when you are married because in one direction it is perfectly innocent, but then takes on a completely different meaning later on. It lets you see how you have to think carefully about what you are saying because who knows where it will lead to.


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