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Best "Nerds With Hot Girls" Photos

Monday, Jul 27, 2020, 7:21 pm

1.I Know Hot Babes

Another guy who just wants to show that he knows hot babes and that they actually don't mind being near him and touching him. It doesn't matter if they are complete strangers as long as he got the shot to post on his social network. Even though he may seem weird when he asked them to take a photo with him, he knows he'll never see them again.

2.Yeah I Know Kim

Some guys will go to any length to prove that they're cool and can get hot girls. Some of them even go for the top of the heap, proving they can gain the attention of someone like Kim Kardashian. He may think he's slick with photoshop, but he would have been far less ridiculed had he just appeared in the photo hugging a teddy bear.

3.Someday I'll Be Rich

First of all, shouldn't her hands be on top, and his around her waist? Beyond that, this guy looks so excited to actually be dancing with a pretty girl. While she is laughing now, she won't be when he is CEO of a Fortune 500 company and is raking in the bucks, while she waitresses at Hooters.

4.Who Cares If They're Paid To Stand With Me

Some guys don't care that the only women they will get to pose with are those who are paid to be in the picture. As long as they get to be in close contact with a beautiful woman, taking in her scent and even getting to put his hands on her bare flesh, he doesn't care about the means, he only cares about the end result.

5.My Co-Worker Babes

Nerdy guys are lucky when they work in an office with hot women. Barriers are broken, and so when he asks to take a picture with them, of course they will say yes. They probably all go out for drinks after work or for work lunches, but while he thinks someday he'll get his chance, they know for sure he won't.

6.Too Afraid To Touch them

This guy wants a photo with the Hooters girls, yet he is too afraid to actually touch them. Look at the body language of the girl to his right, she is so far away from his body, she is probably glad his hand is not resting on her shoulder. It's tough being a nerd.

7.I'm Going To Pee My Pants

In another second or two this guy is going to completely lose it. He probably has never had contact with a female, this up close and personal, but now he has two doting on him. He looks about to burst, and pee would be the better outcome of two possibilities that could arise.


8.I Know Her

This hot girl can hardly get her arm around this nerdy guy. The photo looks so awkward because typically the guy would have his arm around the top of her instead. It seems this girl thought quickly and didn't want to be enveloped by his body and under his armpit.

9.My Harem

This nerd has a smug look on his face as he sits next to a group of hot girls. It appears that he's with them, but most likely he sat nearby, just close enough for his friend to snap this photo. While the other girls seem oblivious, the girl with the green bikini top knows the deal.


10.First Kiss

This guy looks completely stunned that the lips of a female are actually on his cheek. Forget about the first kiss liplock, he looks like he never felt a female that close to his body, let alone contact with her. He appears to not know how to react or what to do.

11.I Do Know A Hot Girl

With everyone carrying an iPhone it's easy to prove you know someone. Most people reserve that for when they meet a celebrity, but if you're a nerd, you have to prove to the world that you do know girls, and hot ones at that. How he asked her to take a picture with him is questionable?


12.I've Got My Arm Around A Girl

In this odd photo, the nerdy guy has his arm around the cute girl, but we have to wonder if he is sneaking it, hoping maybe she just thinks he placing his hand on her shoulder. She seems oblivious to the whole thing or just doesn't mind. What harm can a nerd do anyway?


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