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12 Hilarious Chuck Norris Memes Ever

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 11:12 am

Chuck Norris memes are among the funniest memes one can find on the internet. The memes are based on Chuck Norris jokes that go by the name 'Chuck Norris Facts'. Chuck Norris jokes are a kind of satirical and hyperbolic facts that talk about his masculinity, strength, toughness and virility. Well, everyone on the planet knows Chuck Norris jokes! Do you think we exaggerated here? Well, yes, may be! Anyway, that's how Chuck Norris jokes are – exaggerated yet funny!

Chuck Norris jokes began appearing on the internet in 2005.  The jokes originally belong to Vin Diesel, with respect to his film The Pacifier. A few people at Something Awful forums created and circulated Vin Diesel jokes. The Vin Diesel jokes started to bore people, so they chose Chuck Norris over Vin Diesel.
Today, most people who use the internet know about Chuck Norris memes and jokes. The Chuck Norris internet phenomenon is so strong that his jokes are translated to other languages as well. Check these twelve best Chuck Norris memes that we think will make you laugh!
1.Chuck Norris Swims Through Land

Jesus Christ is said to be the only being that can perform miracles. Chuck Norris, however, has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. Though he can't walk on water or heal the sick, Chuck Norris can swim through land. Now, if only he could destroy bombs with his bare hands, then there would be no need for the army.

2.Sex With Chuck Norris

It's obvious that a thrill-seeking woman wants to have sex with Chuck Norris, but it is always an awful idea! Chuck Norris is amazing at everything. Obviously, he may be amazing at sex too, although we don't have too many women to confirm it. This funny meme shows the sexual potency of Chuck Norris! 
Sometimes to get a little pleasure, you have to experience a little pain. Or in this case, you have to experience a lot of pain. This hilarious meme shows a girl in almost a full body cast due to a rough rendezvous with Chuck Norris. Women who have a crush on Chuck Norris need to be very cautious! 

Sex With Chuck Norris-12 Hilarious Chuck Norris Memes Ever

3.Red Bull Is Not what You Think

This meme will either give you a positive outlook on Red Bull or a negative one. Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks on the market. If you're an avid drinker of the energy booster, you can thank Chuck Norris and his magical urine for the help throughout the day.

4.Chuck Norris Always Wins at Chess

Chess is Chuck Norris' game. It doesn't matter how good you are at Chess, you will never win against Chuck Norris. The game is over and won the moment Chuck Norris sits down in front of the chess board. Norris is so good that he doesn't even have to say 'Checkmate' for you to know the game is over.

5.Chuck Norris Owns Gmail

Chuck Norris is the one person who can show Gmail who's the boss. If you think having a Gmail account makes you popular, then you better think again. While the weaklings of the world have succumbed to creating a Gmail account to get their e-mails, Chuck Norris owns the e-mail service.

6.Don't Hit Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris has been a tough guy from the moment he exited the womb. Doctors slap babies, but the doctor who slapped Chuck Norris when he was born learned the hard way. Norris didn't cry when he was born. He was too busy slapping the doctor, who then in turn ended up being the one crying.

7.Liam Neeson vs. Chuck Norris

Liam Neeson has been hailed as the modern-day Chuck Norris. They are comparable, but Norris will always come out on top. However, Liam Neeson has a good number of supporters too! His fans think that he is better than Chuck Norris on any given day! Well, the funny and friendly feud between the fans of the two stars often results in hilarious memes and pictures. 
This meme takes that infamous phone scene from the movie 'Taken' and incorporates Chuck Norris. Neeson is confident he can kill the man on the phone, but little does he know that it's Norris, who is immortal! 

Liam Neeson vs. Chuck Norris-12 Hilarious Chuck Norris Memes Ever


8.Near-Chuck Experience

If you thought death is the most horrible thing you can experience in the world, then you must not know about Chuck Norris. The one thing is this world that fears death itself, is Norris. In fact, death is so scared of Chuck Norris that it once had a Near-Chuck Experience.

9.Boogeyman vs. Chuck Norris

Kids may think the Boogeyman is the entity they should be scared of, but they are dead wrong. People check under their beds and in their closets for the Boogeyman before going to sleep. But before the Boogeyman stops his reign of terror each night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.


10.Chuck Norris is Immortal

Chuck Norris is invincible. Though he is a human like the rest of us, Chuck Norris seems to be superhuman. This meme suggests that Norris is so strong that he can die, come back to life and go on as though nothing ever happened. Chances are that even when Chuck Norris dies no one will believe it.

11.Don't Cross Chuck Norris

Public figures are usually honored to have a street named after them, but not Chuck Norris. This meme is the perfect pun. You cross a street, but don't you dare cross (get on his bad side) Chuck Norris. Since he's not to be crossed, the name of the street was changed.

12.Chuck Wins At Russian Roulette

Chuck Norris laughs in the face of danger. In a normal 'game' of Russian Roulette, the players only use one bullet. But Chuck Norris is no ordinary man. He can somehow play the game with a fully loaded gun and come out alive. Either he has reflexes like a cat or the gun is filled with rubber bullets.


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