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12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:56 am

Well, hello there, dear random internet friend! How are you? We know you are here to check some funny best friend memes, so, go ahead, and enjoy seeing some sidesplitting friendship memes. As this topic is all about friendship, don't forget to share it with your best friends! Nothing feels better in this world than sharing some smiles with our buddies, isn't it? Let this topic be a tribute to all the besties in the world, without whom the world would be a horrible place to live. Jump in, and swim through 12 hilarious best friend memes only those who have best friends can understand!
1.When People Call My Best Friend Their Friend!

Envy is a big part of friendship, and many of us do feel jealous slightly when someone else tries to own our best friend and calls them their best friend. That feeling sucks, and it sucks, even more, when our friend kind of ignores us and starts hanging out with their new buddy frequently. Like every other human relationship, friendship is also prone to damage. The good thing about friends, though, is that they don't try hard to make a friendship last longer. It's just a natural process, and real friendships last ages despite any special effort!

When People Call My Best Friend Their Friend!-12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us

2.Having A Girl As Your Best Friend

Are you fine with having a person of your opposite sex as your best friend? Needless to say, friendship is never limited by gender or any other such things. Hence, you may happily have a girl as your BFF if you are a guy, and have a boy as your best friend if you are a girl. The only thing that you need to make sure is that you are not used or taken advantage of by others in the name of friendship! A girl who talks to you only when she needs something is clearly someone whom you need to avoid talking. Similarly, a guy who can't stop flirting with his female best friend round the clock can't be counted as a good friend either.

Having A Girl As Your Best Friend-12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us

3.This Hilarious Harry Potter Meme

Why did Harry hook up with Ginny Weasley, an HP character that is special in no other way except being called a shy girl all the time? You have the reason here! We have to agree with this Harry Potter meme because there is no other way one can justify those weird Harry Potter pairings. The popular opinion is that Hermione should be Harry Potter's girl, and Ron should have settled with some other girl, someone like Luna Lovegood. Anyway, as you may know, J.K. Rowling once told that pairing of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger was made based purely on her personal choice, and even apologized for fans who wanted to see Harry and Hermione together.

This Hilarious Harry Potter Meme-12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us

4.A Real Best Friend Makes Your Family Question Your Sexuality!

This funny meme neatly describes what best friends are all about, and yeah, it's true that two besties of the same gender always make their friends and family members suspect their sexual orientation! The case is even stronger for women, as they are the ones who are physically closer to their female best friends than males with their male friends. You may have seen two girls hugging or kissing each other, but you are less likely to see two straight male best friends sharing some lovely kisses!

A Real Best Friend Makes Your Family Question Your Sexuality!-12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us

5.When Your BFF Gets Into A Relationship!

This feeling sucks too! Hey, but you should never try to create a divide between your BFF and their new partner because that is pure evil. We agree people tend to ignore their friends and family members when they are new in a relationship, which is very natural. New couples prefer to be together all the time, so they just need to be let alone. If you think you are missing your friend, just let them know about it! If you can't open up with your best friend, who in the world you think can understand your feelings well?!

When Your BFF Gets Into A Relationship!-12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us

6.The Beauty Of Friendship!

Our best friends influence us a lot in many ways, both in positive and negative aspect depending upon their nature. There exist besties who inspire their friends and guide them toward a successful path, and there are some people who introduce their friends to bad stuff like alcohol and drugs. Anyway, two people of contradicting mentalities can never be good buddies, so if your friend lured you into doing something wrong, you did that because you enjoy doing that! The meme is funny, nonetheless! Just scroll down for more such funny BFF memes!

The Beauty Of Friendship!-12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us

7.Walking Past A Class That Your Friend Is In!

If you are a grown-up adult who is now doing a job or business, this meme reminds you of your student years! We all remember those moments when our best friend tried to take a sneak peek of ours inside our classroom while they were roaming the school or university corridors! Just as this guy in this meme, they kind of look silly and stupid doing that, but it feels nice to receive that awkward stare from them! Some of us might have had some stupid people as friends who put us in trouble doing so!

Walking Past A Class That Your Friend Is In!-12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us


8.When You See Your Best Friend For The First Time In Years!

Hey, who was your first best friend? We guess you may not be in touch with them lately because you both may have moved forward in life and career. Even if you two are in contact, we are sure you are not spending time with them as much as you used to do in the past. We do miss our buddies, which is a part of life and there's nothing to complain or whine about it. Just as this meme describes, it feels good when we see our BFFs and reconnect with them after a long time! But, hey, watch out - people tend to change a lot!

When You See Your Best Friend For The First Time In Years!-12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us

9.You Fall - I Laugh!

How to know if a person is your just friend or best friend? If you fall, injure yourself, or go through some bad period, your BFF is going to make fun of you - and at the same time, they are going to do their best to help you. Whereas a friend sympathizes with you, but they are less likely to lend a helping hand to bail you out of the problems. Our best friends know about us more than our parents do. They are always honest, they don't act, and our buddies will always be there for us just when we badly need them. If you don't find any of the above qualities in a person, don't treat them as your best friend and never share your love, food, or secrets with them!

You Fall - I Laugh! -12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us


10.Just Friend Vs. Best Friend!

Weren't we just talking about this now? A best friend never sounds formal, and that is the reason why you keep finding your best friends funny or even rude at times. They just show you their true self, and they don't act out friendship with proper or sweet behavior. With that said, two people can still be friends without cursing or making fun of each other - but trust us, they can simply be the most annoying duo one can ever meet! This meme neatly illustrated the difference between a just friend and best friend!

Just Friend Vs. Best Friend!-12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us

11.The Number One Reason Why You Should Never Leave Your Freind

Okay, why can't or why you should never leave your best friend? Yeah, leaving them is a painful thing, but what's more terrible than that is that they know your secrets including those deep and dark ones! When you leave your bestie, there's always that chance of them sharing your personal secrets with your friends and family members. Do you think your best friend wouldn't do that? Think again! Our BFFs are crazy, and boy, they are quite capable of doing anything, just anything!

The Number One Reason Why You Should Never Leave Your Freind-12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us

12.When You See Your Best Friend Finally Talking To Their Crush!

Great! That's the kind of best friend you should always be. Hey, did you remember reading that meme that talked about how one went into a negative mode when they saw their BFF fell in love with someone? Friends are friends and not partners in life, so as a good friend, you should always help your buddy to find a right person to share their life, feelings, and of course their body. If you feel jealous to see your friend with someone else, you are just an overly attached annoying friend, or you are deeply in love with them. If you think you love them, just tell them, and find ways to turn your friendship into more of a couple relationship!

When You See Your Best Friend Finally Talking To Their Crush! -12 Best Friend Memes That Will Make You Say So Us


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