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12 Funniest High School Names

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:09 am

What was the name of the high school you attended? Do you think it sounds weird? If not, you are fortunate! You must thank your parents for not sending you to one of these 12 schools that have really inappropriate and funny names! Some of the school names may perhaps make you cringe hard! We know most of these schools were named after their city, county, state or even an individual. We are aware of the fact that the founders or administrators of the following schools didn't deliberately choose an awkward name. That being said, we still find these school names hilarious, and we are sure you are going to find them funny as well!
1.Butts Road Primary School

The school clearly has an embarrassing name. BUTTS ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL! Frankly speaking, it doesn't even sound like that of a school's name! If I were the student of the school, I would feel very embarrassed to tell my high school name to my college or university friends. They are definitely going to make the school name a butt of all the jokes! The school is located in Virginia, and you may have seen it before if you are from Chesapeake City. 

2.Massacre Pre-School

The funny thing about this school's name, is the sign that's advertising it. The sign has a bunch of happy-go-lucky cartoon characters on it, but right above it is the name, Massacre Pre-School. The name is morbid, but it seems as though the school tried to make everything seem normal by placing some smiling cartoons on it.

Massacre Pre-School-12 Funniest High School Names

3.Worthington Hooker School

No, it is not an internet hoax. The school really exists. It is located in New Haven, Connecticut. The high school has a history of more than 100 years. It was named after a renowned Yale University professor and physician, Dr. Worthington Hooker. It's always nice to name a school after a successful person, but when their last name is little awkward like Hooker in this case, it's probably best to go with just their first name. Honored moms with kids at the school are known to sport bumper stickers that read: "Proud Hooker Mom." 

4.Anu's English Academy

Anu's English Academy is an interesting name for a school. The person who made this sign, should seek employment elsewhere. In the word ANU'S, the 'u' and the 's' don't have enough space for the apostrophe, so it looks like paint splatter rather than a punctuation mark. Chances are, even if there was ample space between the letters, people would still laugh at this school's odd name.

Anu's English Academy-12 Funniest High School Names

5.Butte High School - Home Of The Pirates

 The letter 'e' does save the school from major embarrassment, but we still find the high school name funny because of the tagline, "Home of the Pirates." Upon a little research, we found the school to be real. It's located in Idaho. It's a small school with about 100 students, but it does have a very famous high school basketball team Butte Pirates. The boys' basketball team has won several prestigious championships. Perhaps, the slogan "Home of the Pirates" makes sense now! Interestingly, the mascot of the school is a pirate face.

6.Lead The Way Girls International

All girls schools are a breeding ground for perverted men. So Lead The Way Girls International must be on high-alert at all times. The school's name sounds like something Freddy Krueger would say, right before attacking his victim. A man must have named this school, because no woman, in her right mind, would come up with this title.

Lead The Way Girls International-12 Funniest High School Names

7.Gayman Elementary

The kids at Gayman Elementary School can't wait to hit junior high. The name of this school could very well be inspired by a prominent figure in the community, but it's still hilarious to say out loud. The random horse on top of the name makes this entire thing even more funny. Students can proudly walk around the neighborhood and say, "I'm a proud GAYMAN."

Gayman Elementary-12 Funniest High School Names


8.Cockermouth School

Students at Cockermouth School in the UK, probably just refer to their institution by its location when asked about it. Unless this school teaches kids how to catch, cook and clean chickens, its name is highly inappropriate. Of course an adolescent boy would find the name funny, but who would be proud to say they go here? The school's official website is even worse, as it too refers to a sexual innuendo most see as taboo.

Cockermouth School-12 Funniest High School Names

9.The Porny School

Schools spend time attempting to protect children from anything referring to sexual activities, but this school obviously believes in doing the opposite. Eton porny School is based out of the UK. Maybe things are a little more lax in the UK, but over here in the states this name would have never been approved.

The Porny School-12 Funniest High School Names


10.Climax Shelly Public School

Girls named Shelly should probably find another public school to attend. Climax Shelly is not a name that should precede the words 'public school.' In fact, the word climax shouldn't even be uttered anyone attending school, ever. When a school's name is rated R, it's time for a new one.

11.Pansy Kidd School

The percentage of kids who attend this school and get beat up, must be in the 90th percentile. Pansy Kidd Middle School is located in Poteau, Oklahoma, but it should be located in the middle of the ocean where no one has to see it or say its name. It's hard to tell what's worse, the fact that the word 'kid' is misspelled or that someone would actually name a school 'Pansy.'

Pansy Kidd School-12 Funniest High School Names


12.Tiny Tits School

Judging by the name you'd think this was a school for models, but it is not. The name does grab your attention, but in all of the wrong ways. The mere fact that the name of the school is 'Tiny Tits' and it's a nursery school, is just plain wrong and alarming. Not to mention, who would want to send their kid to a school where they couldn't even construct a sentence correctly.


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