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12 Funniest Nipple Tattoos Ever Done On Humans

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 12:51 pm

People do tattoo their eyes, so these nipple tattoos aren't a big deal. An ordinary person may find nipple tattoos weird, but the body art freaks absolutely love them. Given its shape, size, and location on the human body, a nipple allows a tattoo artist to be creative in numerous ways. Take a look at these 12 funny nipple tattoos that are outrageously brilliant. On one hand, they appear cringeworthy. On the contrary, we can't help ourselves but appreciate their creativity! Don't ask us if there are any girls on the topic! Jump in and check it for yourself.
1.What a load of bull

This is one of those tattoos where the piercing does work well even if it does result in something that just looks strange. You can kind of understand why they are getting a bull due to the ring piercing, but it still comes down to the fact that you have a bull on your chest and that is not normal.

2.This Funny Nipple Tattoo

Oh boy, this is so far the most creative nipple tattoo on the topic. The body art depicts moon landing. The tattoo artist made the nipple look like the moon. Then, he drew astronaut Neil Armstrong, and of course, the American flag. Where is the big ass spaceship? Just to balance things, this guy should get the space ship inked on the other nipple! It's a simple tattoo, though. It just looks like a ball pen drawing.  If there were no redness on his chest, we wouldn't have featured the picture on the topic.

3.A nipple in the eye

As this is the lead singer of the band Radiohead it does make you wonder if the person loves the that much that they got a tattoo or hates them and that is why they used their nipple for an eye. It just makes him look like he has a bad eye patch.

4.Yay for titty bear

Well isn't titty bear the favorite character of everyone that encounters him? Look at his big sticking out belly button how big and round it is. OK that is a bit too far!!

5.Hang on in there buddy

Quick!! A man is desperately hanging from a nipple!! He is clinging on for his dear life!!! Talk about drama and all because you felt like having your nipple pierced.

6.A nipple for a nipple

Is this tattoo not a bit too big for it to just include your own nipple? Sure it is a clever idea, but there is a bit too much going on here and do they have something similar with the other one in order to balance it all out?

7.Use your head

The first thing you will look at is the fact that their nipple is perfectly made to replicate eyes and a mouth. The rest of this rather basic tattoo does then fall into line and the chances of you looking at it and thinking that it is exceptionally cool has to be pretty high.


8.Ahhh there he is

Surely this tattoo takes away some of the fun of wondering where Wally is? However, you have to congratulate them on using the nipple to great effect although clearly the size of Wally was determined by the size of the nipple itself.


This is one of those tattoos where you look at it and wonder about the sanity of the person that has had this done to them. At what point do you look at your nipples and start to think about hats? Do they really look like a head?


10.Well hello there

This is actually very clever in the way that they have used the nipple as a nose, but it is still a strange thing for an adult to have done to themselves. You immediately feel that the person in question is just not serious about life to the extent that they needed to dress their nipple up like this.

11.Ready...Y M C A

Well it will take a lot of confidence to walk around showing this tattoo off, but at least there is this combination between tattoo and piercing that does kind of work even if it is in an obscene way. The person has been quite creative even if you then have no idea where to look.


12.A mounted nipple

Well lets be honest here and say that there is no chance you will have ever seen something like this before. The actual piercing thing is just crazy and there is so much going on that it is impossible to know where to start with describing it.


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