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15 Hilarious Photoshop Fixes Ever

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 3:46 pm

Great pictures are hard to come by. Sometimes, there will be that little thing that spoils what otherwise is an amazing photo. Sometimes, we hope a picture is more bright or vibrant. We don't give up on them, though. What do we do? We ring or ping our one good friend who is good at Photoshop. Some people, however, post their pictures on online communities, asking Photoshop gurus to edit them. Most of such Photoshop gurus are trolls! Check these fifteen photos and see how Photoshop professionals trolled people with some really insane and hilarious photo fixes! 
4.Sent to Miami Beach!

The pink-underwear man got trolled too! He asked the Photoshop guy to cut him out of the picture and send him to Miami, and got exactly what he asked for. 

Sent to Miami Beach! -15 Hilarious Photoshop Fixes Ever

5.Please Remove the Embarrassment!

From the girl's perspective, the Photoshopped picture looks more embarrassing. Watch out for your words, people! Photoshop trolls hate it when people disrespect other people around them.

Please Remove the Embarrassment!-15 Hilarious Photoshop Fixes Ever

6.Make the Boobies Bigger!

If you ask a Photoshop troll you found on the internet to edit your pictures, you are sure to get something like this in return. Big boobs on that guys look so amusing!

Make the Boobies Bigger!-15 Hilarious Photoshop Fixes Ever

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