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12 Funny Kevin Hart Memes That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 10:35 am

Kevin Hart is one of the most famous personalities in the American entertainment industry. He is an actor, standup comedian, writer, and producer. When we think of Kevin Hart, the first thing that comes to our mind is his comedy. He is an ideal person to become a meme, and the internet community rightly made him one! Kevin Hart memes convey harsh realities, everyday struggles, and personal opinions in a humorous way. Check out these 12 hilarious Kevin Hart memes that are sure to make your day! 
7.Coke Vs. Pepsi

The struggle is real, and you find most restaurants serving either Coke or Pepsi. That is because they only have a Coke or Pepsi dispenser, and most restaurants can't have both of them installed. Be it The Coca-Cola Company or PepsiCo; restaurant owners choose one that offers them the lowest price on syrup. The soda companies give those machines at free of cost to the restaurants under an exclusive contract. Unless you step into a big multi-national food chain, you are less likely to see different types of sodas served at one place. 

Coke Vs. Pepsi-12 Funny Kevin Hart Memes That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

8.Can A Woman Make You Millionaire?

Yes, if you are a billionaire! This hilarious Kevin Hart meme takes a direct dig at women and their spending habits. It is a classic women joke that has been there for quite some time. Women do spend a lot of money on clothes, cosmetics, makeup items, etc. just like how men spend money on cars, video games, etc. Spending habits vary from person to person, but, girls somehow earned that bad reputation when it comes to shelling out bucks.  

Can A Woman Make You Millionaire?-12 Funny Kevin Hart Memes That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

9.You Remind Me Of Chinese Friend, Ug Lee!

Hey, this sounds like a cool insult! Just when you have to insult people but can't use abusive or rude language, witty barbs like these come in handy. The person who is at the receiving end can't do much about it except secretly admire your play on words! Remember, we have a boatload of such well-mannered insults as well.

You Remind Me Of Chinese Friend, Ug Lee! -12 Funny Kevin Hart Memes That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

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