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12 Funny Murica Memes That Will Make You Lol

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 10:54 am

The internet fondly calls America, Murica! The term, Merica/Murica refers to the stereotypical Americans such as obese, southerners, hillbillies, gun-toting, and flag-waving patriots. In the recent years, non-Americans have been using it to insult or ridicule the United States and its people. Interestingly, the slang name was chalked by none other than the Americans themselves! Murica memes are very popular on the internet, and unsurprisingly, almost all of them make fun of the USA and censure its interference in world politics in the name of freedom. Check these 12 funny Murica memes that are sure to make you laugh! 
7.Deep Fried Dollar Bill

No one's going to eat that, but that just shows the Americans' craving for fried foods. No other country in the world consumes fried food as much as the United States does. Didn't we talk about that already when we saw that fried snickers post? Americans love deep-frying their food. Some of them even fry ice creams, candies, watermelon, coke, vodka, and what not! The winner of the most ridiculous American fried food item goes to deep-fried butter! Yes, a fried ball of butter is an eatable thing in the US. 

Deep Fried Dollar Bill-12 Funny Murica Memes That Will Make You Lol

8.Do You Even Launch Bro?

This meme makes perfect sense, isn't it? The United States is the most powerful country in terms of economy as well as military capabilities. No country can defeat the United States alone, and it takes at least two to three superpower countries to take on the USA. Countries like Russia, China, India, UK, France, etc. have a terrific arsenal, but they can't put their weapons to use like how the USA does! Be it in Gulf, Afghanistan, or the Middle East, the US hasn't really stopped waging wars. Wars keep the country's army busy all the time! 

Do You Even Launch Bro?-12 Funny Murica Memes That Will Make You Lol

9.The Most American Picture Ever!

Let's see what all can we spot in this picture! That assault rifle just can't go unnoticed, so that's one of the things. There are French fries, and there's a soda cup. He neatly loaded his shirt with a couple of snickers and some snacks. Watch out for that McDonald's logo on his cap and shirt! We can't read what exactly is written on his cap given the picture is not of good quality. Nonetheless, from what we can see, the picture looks American enough to be featured on this list! 

The Most American Picture Ever!-12 Funny Murica Memes That Will Make You Lol

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