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Hilarious Roller Coaster Moments

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2020, 9:54 am

1.Scared much?

Well do you think that the woman in the black t-shirt is scared? Her face is an absolute picture and it is that distorted that we would have no idea what she looks like normally.

2.Moments Caught on Camera

These guys are showing their actions and face at their most stressed out moments. At least the guy in the red would have you in stitches of laughter when he is stressed!

3.Any One for a Cup of Tea?

The nerds roller coaster ride. These guys look cool calm and collected during a ride although the coolest guy has to be the black dude who is just giving a simple thumbs up.

4.Safety Measures

This guy cops a feel in the middle of a ride. Clever guy! They did say hold on tight after all.

5.Day Light Robbery

A mugging half way through a roller coaster ride. Okay it was a joke but hopefully it wont put ideas into peoples heads. The ride is terrifying enough.


Well these guys are quite chilled, but surely those Jenga blocks are glued together or else how would they still be standing like that? Ok this is all staged, but they are still on that roller coaster.

7.You know You are Too High When..

This ride was so high that even random bird life got in on the action. The question here is who got the biggest shock out of all of this?


8.Relationship Revenge

Perhaps this guys girlfriend gave him a hell of a roller coaster ride during their relationship and he is making it known.

9.Projective Vomit

Do they take indemnity for this kind of thing? Remember this photograph when you are next boarding a roller coaster. You might get second thoughts.


10.Phone Urgency

Some people just cannot stay off their phones. What was the caller thinking when this dude took the call?

11.Oh My!

A bit of self love can bring some comfort when you are stressed out on a roller coaster ride. This guy clearly needs some comfort much to the shock of his fellow passenger.


12.Right Hook

They say a man's true personality comes out when he is under a lot of stress. So, this guy gives his girlfriend a right hook when he is stressed and smiles at the same time!


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