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12 Best Meanwhile In Canada Memes Ever

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 8:10 am

The first time I learned about Canada as a kid, my friend told me that it is "America's hat"! While growing up, I heard many good things about the country. I realized all of them were true when I visited Canada some time back. The internet, however, sees Canada from a different perspective! The world talks about Canada's diversity, politeness of their citizens, cheap beer, ice hockey, snowy weather, maple syrup, and so on. Look at these 12 best and funny "Meanwhile in Canada" memes that are sure to crack you up!
1.Yes it's ice cream

You see Canadians are tough as they can eat ice cream at any point of the year and in any conditions that you care to imagine. The only problem is that the snow was that hard that this ice cream was chocolate colored.

2.It's only a light shower

You see this is just a light shower and it will blow over in a couple of weeks, so what is the problem? All you have to do is be patient and things will improve and the snow acts as a great wind break as well.

3.Canadians are clever with signs

Well what this shows is that Canadians are very clever with signs and at least they have managed to spell them correctly because that is often a problem with these kinds of things. Hey you also need to admit that they are original as well.

4.Wearing a bear for a hat

Well that is how you do it in Canada because it turns out that only a bear on your head will actually count as being a manly hat. OK you also need a big beard to really set it off and it is optional if the bear is dead or not before you wear it.

5.Sleeping outside is optional

Well what this shows is that sleeping outside is entirely optional, but do be aware that you could walk up to something that looks a bit different to how it did when you dozed off. Hey at least he looks comfortable?

6.Getting The Rays

Just because it is covered in snow does not mean that you cannot get a tan and these chicks are putting that theory to the test. Ok so they do need something to lie on, but how tough are they?
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Getting The Rays-12 Best Meanwhile In Canada Memes Ever

7.A family get-together

Well this is a family get-together Canadian style and you wonder how much of the turkey this big guy is going to want to have. In all honesty, what he wants he probably ends up getting because that is just a lot safer that way.


8.The animals fight back

In Canada the animals are fed up of being hunted, so they have now turned the tables on us humans and this is the result. As you can see they are beer swilling and everything, so they could almost be like us.


You see you do not get this in most countries because where else do you get the wildlife posing for photographs and actually smiling in the process? Boy is that one cheesy grin that it has going on there, but do you think it asked for a copy?


10.It's chilly on the toilet

This is what happens when you go to an outside toilet in the winter in Canada and get too engrossed in your newspaper. Oh well at least it cured his runny stomach since everything has been frozen shut.

11.Fishing..Canadian style

Well what a big chopper this guy has and he better watch how he swings it around or there could be trouble ahead. This is how you go fishing in Canada because instead of a fishing rod you just try to chop their heads off as they swim past.

12.A slow swimmer

Of course in Canada just because there is 10ft of snow on the swimming pool does not mean that you have to give up swimming. Instead, you just need to work that bit harder to get through it all, but how the flippers will help is unknown.


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