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15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 8:48 am

If there's one place where you should never spell a word incorrectly, it should be on your skin. Oh yes, we are talking about the worst tattoo spelling errors that spoil the look of tattoos. Tattoos (most) are a kind of permanent marks on your skin. One got to be very careful before inking their bodies because once a tattoo is inked, it's tough to erase. You may need to shell out big bucks to get rid of them. There's no guarantee that a tattoo removal surgery can completely erase off a tattoo. It can even lead to bizarre tattoo removal disasters. Here are fifteen worst tattoo spelling mistakes ever spotted on people's bodies! 

Now that's surely a Facebook addict, but how in the world he didn't read the spelling of "comment" before getting it tattooed? After hearing some comments about his tattoo, he will surely change or remove it.

Post-comment-15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever


"Beauty and folly are old companions" truly applied to this silly woman who tattooed her body to show her beauty but this tattoo only shows her stupidity as she doesn't know the spelling of tragedy. She should pick a dictionary and improve her vocabulary first and stop disappointing her 5th-grade teacher by making such silly mistakes.

Beautiful-tragedy-15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever


It is a true saying that "No Dream is too Big" But this boy's dream is going to be too big to achieve because of his tattoo designer who made a spelling mistake in writing this thought and making this guy's life miserable.

No-dream-15 Worst Tattoo Spelling Mistakes Ever

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