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12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 6:17 am

Human relationships look simple, but they are very complex in nature. No two persons look, behave or think same. However, they can still form a beautiful parent-child, wife-husband, sibling, or any other human relationship. If you observe carefully, your life will be similar to that of a puzzle piece, with rest of the parts being your family members and friends. Most of us easily fit in our lives. Some of us don't. A puzzle tattoo symbolizes the uniqueness of a person, and his ability or inability to mingle well with the society. 
There are many types of puzzle tattoos. Each tattoo has a meaning of its own. As you may know, puzzle pieces are often used as a symbol of Autism. Most puzzle tattoos have a connection to autism. People suffering from autism or their parents choose such tattoos. The mismatched puzzle pieces in tattoos also symbolize one's struggle to get along with the people around. Some couples get them as matching tattoos. Whatever their meanings are, here are 12 such beautiful puzzle tattoos ever!  
1.Puzzle Head

This has to be one of the coolest tattoos you will ever set eyes on. The idea of this head being put together as a puzzle really does work very well indeed and the way it has been designed really is superb. This is a real piece of art and the owner should be very impressed with the end result.

Puzzle Head-12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

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We aren't completely sure what the initials R & K stand for, but we guess it looks more like a couple's tattoo.  The two puzzle pieces are a perfect fit, indicating that R and K are indeed the initials of a couple. As we told earlier, a puzzle piece tattoo can also be a good couple or matching tattoo. This initials tattoo you see in the picture is a good example of that. 
As you can see from the picture, it is a 3D puzzle tattoo. We really liked the way the initials R and K were inked to look like as if they were engraved on the puzzle pieces. 

Initials-12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

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Ok so this is a tattoo that is only going to be for a girl with it having a beautiful flower included in it, but the tattoo itself is still very well done and that has to be the most important part. It is actually a good idea for a foot tattoo when you stop and think about it as the size is perfect and the colors are also very good as well.

Flower-12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

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4.Big Puzzle

This is better than those puzzle tattoos where you only have one or perhaps two pieces. Instead, with this one you can almost picture an entire jigsaw, but of course removing that one piece is just helping to really bring that tattoo to life and really helps it to stand out from the arm.

5.Bright Piece

The way in which this piece is apparently lifting off their arm is very cool, but the color as well just helps the tattoo to really stand out. The artist has somehow managed to create a feeling of depth to this tattoo by the way that they have done it and ultimately it is one of the best of this style you will see.

Bright Piece-12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

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6.Where's Waldo Tattoo

We are talking about puzzle tattoos, so we firmly believe this tattoo qualifies as one. Unlike the other tattoos in the topic, this one is indeed a real puzzle tattoo where people can solve it by looking at it. This Where's Waldo tattoo looks cool, and makes us feel like finding Waldo the moment we see it! 
The tattoo is big, colorful and neatly done. The only downside of the tattoo is that it was inked on the backside, and not many people can notice it. Nonetheless, it is still an excellent tattoo. By the way, where's Waldo? Can you find him? No? Let's give you a hint. He was standing right next to a bunch of hot chicks! 

Where's Waldo Tattoo -12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

7.US Flag

This one is slightly different in that you have the US flag underneath the puzzle piece that has been taken out and you have to admit that if you are the patriotic type, then this is going to be the ideal tattoo for you. It is more about the actual idea than the design itself with this one as the tattoo pieces could have been slightly better, but that should not take away the fact that it is still a cool tattoo.


8.Cut & Sewn

This puzzle tattoo is very clever in that it takes one piece out of one side and then appear to have had it sewn on with the other arm. It is certainly different and you just know that you would never stop showing off both tattoos to anybody that shows even the slightest bit of interest in you.

Cut & Sewn-12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

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If you are an age where you remember a Rubiks cube, then this tattoo is going to appeal to you. It is very well done and it does really capture the entire puzzle and the saying that is sitting there alongside it is also very apt considering what the tattoo is all about.

Rubiks-12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

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10.Puzzle Hand

How amazingly cool is this tattoo? The hand itself is made up of puzzle pieces at one point, but then the way in which it is peeling off another piece just adds to the overall feeling of the entire tattoo. It really is very well done indeed and you would rightfully be proud of having this tattoo in the first place.

Puzzle Hand-12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

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The part that is so cool about this is the way that they have the puzzle piece sitting above as if it has just been taken out and placed there. It does show how clever the tattoo artist is in actually being able to do this and then the blue scales underneath just adds to what is already a cool tattoo.

Scales-12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

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12.Bloody Back

This tattoo is quite freaky as well as being very well done at the same time. It appears to show a chunk of skin having been taken out of the body right down onto the muscle underneath and it really does make you feel as if this has indeed happened. The drops of blood really do just add to its charm.

Bloody Back-12 Amazing 3D Puzzle Tattoos Ever

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