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Best Mortal Kombat Cosplays

Monday, Feb 22, 2021, 7:35 pm


Raiden is one of the most favored characters in Mortal Kombat and it is partly because he is seen as being quite a cool one and is capable of doing even cooler things. The fact that this outfit looks so much like him is just an added bonus.

2.Sonya Blade

OK so this may not be the most complex of outfits that you will ever see, but it is still very well done and at least it looks like the way it is meant to. She may not be the scariest character, but then that is not what this is all about.


OK so just ignore the weapon and admire the outfit because it really is very good indeed. It all just blends in perfectly and even though it has been professionally done it does not mean that you cannot just sit back and admire it.


What you see here is that the quality of cosplay outfits can vary a great deal, but mixed in here are some very good examples. Go ahead and choose your favorites because there has to be some.

5.In on the action

These outfits must have cost quite a lot of money due to the facemasks and even the body armor. It must have taken some time to actually come up with the entire outfit and a lot of planning, but it was all worth it in the end.

6.Scarlet again

We do all seem to love Scarlett and you can understand why when you look at her outfit. There is just something very cool about it and with this example they have made sure that even the shoulder pads are the same.


Yes so parts of this image have been enhanced with computer graphics, but you can still appreciate the actual outfit and how detailed it is. You probably have a new found appreciation for Frost.


8.The group

Thankfully this was for an industry related event or it would look rather strange, but what you do see here are a few examples of different Mortal Kombat characters. The guys here have done pretty well in recreating them so accurately and it is cool seeing them together.

9.Action shots

Yeah if you have decided to dress up in your favorite Mortal Kombat outfit, then does it not make sense to go ahead and try to re-enact some of the fights? It just makes the entire thing look so much better and you can appreciate the outfits a lot more.



Scarlett is a scary character and in order to get the outfit to really work you do need to have quite a serious look on your face. Once you have mastered both parts you then have something that is pretty cool to look at.


The thing you have to say about this outfit is that there is not that much to it when you are looking at the material that has been used. However, we are not meant to be commenting on the amount of material and just accept that it does look like it is meant to.


It really does show you how some people are willing to go that extra step in order to get their cosplay outfit to really look as good as it can possibly be. This is shown here by the way in which he has made sure his face is even decorated.

13.A fab couple

Well if you are going out as a couple, then why not do it as a couple of Mortal Kombat characters? You have to admit that she looks better than he does, but at least he has still made an effort.


This is just so, so cool and if you were wearing this particular outfit, then you would be rightfully proud of how you look. OK so it would not look anywhere near as good if she had short blond hair.

15.Female Scorpion

There is something quite cool about all of this and you would certainly not give her any abuse when you see how she is dressed. Where do you even begin when trying to put this outfit together?


Scorpion is a fearsome character, but you have to admit that this guy has done very well with this particular outfit. Put it this way, it would be cool if he is also a martial arts expert.


Well this is actually quite scary how they have decided to go into so much detail even down to the blood all over them. OK some people would see that as taking it a bit too far.


Where do you even begin with this pair of outfits? The way they have been made, the way they do resemble the original ones, and the fact that the women wearing them are also hot does all add up to something that is pretty cool.


Is it wrong to think that this cosplay outfit is actually quite hot? You have to admit that she has put a lot of effort into making it and it is better than the actual original and that is saying a lot.


This outfit is actually quite dramatic to look at, but then it is also partly due to the hair as that really does add something extra to it. Put it this way, would you want to encounter her in a dark alley?

21.Deadly, but hot

Nothing helps to make a cosplay outfit look better than striking the pose, so you can understand why this is regarded as being one of the best cosplay outfits out there. The mask is just wonderful as well.

22.Kitana again

This just looks like it has been professionally done and you can understand why when you look at the details in the outfit. It just looks so well made in every conceivable way and she certainly suits it as well.

23.Hot in green

OK so in this instance it does help that you have the right body for the outfit and she certainly has that. At this moment in time you would probably be quite happy to encounter her, but only to admire the way in which she has got the outfit looking identical to the game.


You have to admit that she has pretty much got this outfit spot on even making sure that she has the correct equipment. In order to get a good cosplay outfit you really do need to pay attention to detail and she has managed this.


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