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Hilarious Pics Of Girls Being Drunk And Passed Out

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:33 pm

1.Back to the drawing board

You see this is what happens when you get drunk alongside other drunk friends. This girl has passed out to such an extent that she has been stripped half naked and then drawn on without waking up. Boy is she going to be ill in the morning.

2.Get it in the toilet

Why has she decided that the bathroom floor is so comfortable? Ok we know that she is playing it safe since she will probably be sick, but it is just not a pretty sight.

3.Dragged along

Is there no shame in the world now when women are getting so drunk that they end up like this? What happened to the days of them being the fairer sex? Instead, it is now all about getting drunk no matter the consequences as we see here.

4.A comforting friend

Any drunk person has been there where they need the support of a friend in order to get through this troubling time. However, the more sober looking one just seems to be fed up with it all while she waits on her friend doing whatever she has to do.

5.That is very lady like

Well this is very lady like with her being drunk and pulling her underwear down like this. You can bet that this is not an image that will be used by the tourist board of Wales in order to promote the country.

6.The floor looks comfortable

You manage to get home even though you are drunk, but you are unable to then find your bed and instead pass out on the floor? Surely you have managed to do the difficult part, so how come you failed at the end?

7.A disgusted friend

The girl on the right just looks absolutely disgusted with her friend who is clearly so drunk that she has no idea of the planet she is on never mind being on public transport. She has just totally lost control and no wonder her friend is not impressed.


8.Faceplant on the road

This girl was so drunk that she tried to leave a car face first and then gave up half way. How drunk must you be to even think that this was a good idea in the first place?

9.A fail on so many levels

Well this girl has certainly had a night that she will never remember and imagine being in such a state that you end up in this kind of a position in public. The shoes are off and she has passed out on a very uncomfortable chair and at an angle that just should not be possible. It really is quite shocking.


10.Photographs galore

The funniest part in all of this is the way that the girl in the red is clearly taking a photo of her friend being held in the arms of a guy since she is too drunk to find the ground with her feet. This is one strange picture to add to the family album.

11.The drunk dancing

When you are drunk you suddenly feel as if you can dance like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. However, in reality you end up looking like this girl who looks like she is doing some strange Jackie Chan move.


12.Drunk in a bin

Well this is certainly evidence of a girl that has had too much to drink and failed to make it home. How she got in the bin is a mystery, but she looks comfortable enough even though she is going to get a bit of a shock when she does indeed wake up.


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