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Little Things Which Make Us Happy

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:21 am

1.Ultimately satisfying

Doing this when alone in the car has to be one of the best things ever. Your car radio becomes your own karaoke machine and it certainly helps to break up those journeys if you are singing at the top of your lungs.

2.Nature is amazing

This is just one of these things where nature can make you smile and feel happy that you are alive. It just seems to dance on water and brings it to life and you will then start to notice other magical things that are around you.

3.Love can last

This is something else that can warm your heart when you see that people have indeed been in love with one another for such a long time because it gives you a lot of confidence about your own future. Seeing that they still have that sparkle just helps you to believe in society once again.

4.It warms your heart

Being welcomed when you come home in this way really is so satisfying that it is pretty obvious as to why it makes you so happy. The look on her face as she runs towards you is just worth absolutely everything.

5.Drifting off to sleep

This is the kind of thing where you wake up and you just feel so, so good that you can just turn over and go back to sleep again. The chances are that you drift off within seconds, but at least you are doing it with a real smile on your face.

6.You hope this happens a lot

For a guy there is just something so magical when you do indeed manage to get that girl to smile and laugh at something you have said. You just feel proud of having achieved it especially if you have been trying and trying for what feels like forever.

7.We all do this

This is something that we all do, but quite often we are not actually aware of it. You cannot help but laugh when you look at somebody that you love and they are doing that strange face, but then you wonder what your own one looks like.


8.Your body feels amazing

There really is something so satisfying when you have had a good workout and your body lets you know that you have done it the world of good. Your muscles may ache a little bit, but you know that you have made a difference and that part is extremely satisfying.

9.You just feel amazing.

OK so this does not happen that often, but then when it does happen you can understand how it is then extremely satisfying and it does indeed make you quite happy. At this point you cannot stop yourself from doing a bit of a head movement also in time with the music.


10.Satisfying before becoming annoying

It is funny how on the one hand this can be so satisfying, but then when you leave the beach it can then get annoying. However, when you get there it just lets you know that you will be relaxing very soon indeed.

11.So satisfying

The sound that this makes is so satisfying that if you have never experienced it, then you really are missing out on something amazing. There is just such a good crunch under your foot that you will then end up trying to find new snow all of the time just to replicate it.


12.This really is so good

There is no doubt that when you are exhausted and you climb into bed that those first couple of minutes are just absolutely amazing. This is the point where you can just let everything relax and you know that you will be heading off to sleep very soon indeed.


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